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Symmetry Is Just A Geometry Project

I was inspired one afternoon while digging through some drawers in our dining room “buffet” and I found these great frames that I had not used in a while just wasting away in the bottom of a drawer of cloth napkins.
I took the backs off of the frames and then took them to the SPRAY PAINT APPLICATION STATION (the garage) and gave them three coats of black spray paint.
Here is the wall space in my living room that I wanted to doll up. It is a large space to fill and I am not always good at walls like these because I really, really like symmetry. So for me to find things that are equal to make the wall feel balanced takes a lot of a) money and 2) time and 3) patience.
Three things that I don’t always have a lot of.
 Here is the after. Now I know I just said I must have symmetry and I have four frames on the left and three on the right. (Don’t think that didn’t keep me up last night either) So I will be looking around the house for other picture frames to destroy, errr…I mean REUSE. By the way, those frames were all for $3.00 or under over the years.

1 thought on “Symmetry Is Just A Geometry Project”

  1. Wow, in looking at the above pic I realize now that I have to paint those vent covers black. Yessssss…something else to spray paint. Muahh ahh ahhhhhh.


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