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FALL-ing In Love

I love fall.
There are many reasons I love fall:

memories of high school football games, weather you can stand to be outside in, going for long walks or bike rides with the family, my first date with my hubby was in the fall, trick or treating

The list goes on and on.
But the one thing I love about fall now that I am an adult and own a home is decorating. Those who know me best know that it is very hard for me to not start decorating for fall until it gets cool outside. (I have been known to start fall decor when it is still shorts and tank top weather outside).
This year, however, I waited until the last week of summer and I am proud of myself!
We really enjoyed summer this year.
I made sure we were outside every single day of summer vacation even if it was raining; I made lemonade weekly; we bought a baby pool for the patio and used it even when the kids weren’t around; we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit; we grilled out three times a week minimum; I laid out to get a tan with Annie; ate fair food; went to the park weekly; went to the big beach (Lake Michigan) more than once, and we ate outside every chance we got.
Essentially, we enjoyed summer to the fullest on a small budget.
So I decided I would not end summer so abruptly this year by decorating the first day in September.
Yes, I waited until September 20th.

It was hard, but I did it. 😉



 Happy last week of summer, my friends!

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