Totally Random Monday


Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you are. I know I did because I got to spend the weekend with my mom and dad alone for the first time in YEARS!! It was so much fun and a well-deserved getaway for me as well as a getaway for the kids and Mike too since they rarely get time alone together, so it was good all around. But back to my weekend with my parents, mom and I got to eat lunch out alone (no chicken fingers were involved!), we got to walk in shops without me having to stop the stroller every two minutes with a request for a snack or a drink or a toy or a ….oh you get it; we got to gab without interruption, we got to spend time in a Swedish settlement and take in some authentic Swedish food, shop for the girls winter wardrobe in peace with no arguments and finally got to eat some of our favorite Chinese buffet.

It was an unbelievably WONDERFUL weekend and I will cherish every memory made this weekend (and some great inside jokes- right, Autumn?) I also want to remember my Grandma Ella Lucille Miller today as yesterday would have been her 106th birthday. She lived to be almost 103 and was just a wonderful human being.

I miss her so much and I know my mom is still longing for her earthly presence but yesterday I “talked” to her in the car on the way home from Peoria and I cried a little, laughed a little and reminisced a lot.

“Great”, you were exactly what the name implies. Great. And we miss you so much. And I wish Ellie could have met you. I know you are our Guardian Angel.

So as the title implies, a little randomness for a beautiful fall day. I was complaining about my “shoe problem” that I had going on in my back hallway.

See Evidence # 1-


It was overcoming my back hall this summer and spreading toward the family room. I needed help fast and I did not want to spend any more money than I had to or make a trip farther than Dollar Tree. But as much as I love my Dollar Tree, I also know that they don’t carry many organizers larger than a small basket size.

So, I was at my local Super Kmart and I found some dishwashing bins:


I got them for $1.99 each, three for $6.00. I have to say, that in the same aisle they had the exact bin but with holes in the side and with a different name on them labeling them as ORGANIZING BINS for $7.99 EACH.

OKAY, people, when you are looking for organizing tools, do not, I repeat, DO NOT let the company tell you what the item is used for because every home is different. These bins were meant to wash dishes or to hold washed dishes or to take dishes from the table- whatever. They were not listed as shoe holders or bins to make Kari’s life less crazy.

So save some money by looking outside of the box. I saved almost $20.00 and you can too.

Onto other randomness, I made cookies last week.

I know this is nothing new in my home because I love cookies but I didn’t just make any cookie, I made my Richland County Fair winning Snickerdoodles!

I was in the mood for something comforting and made them.


The batter.


Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Totally Random Monday”

  1. Great post, have you looked into 4-H at the Grayslake Fair Grounds?I know they used to have an office there. It is all over WI and maybe you could find something closer to the IL/WI border.I thought about you when I was in the Deals store the other day. They had a shopping basket with clearance items. They had boxes with 4 different "river rocks" abut the size of a quarter with words like — Hope, Relax, Dream, Laugh, Imagine, Peace, Love, Faith. They came 4 to a box with some cut raffia, which I will admit I did not repurpose. Actually they are much heavier than I thought they would be, but my cat Lucy immediately "repurposed" them as cool toys to knock down. For .25 per package I saw them more in a bowl of some kind, LOL


  2. LOL!! I may have to come visit you and your Deals store sometime. I am always on the lookout for new dollar stores even though I love my DT and it is literally right around the corner but I love small independent dollar stores too. 🙂 I am still looking in to repurposing all the hankies you gave me. 🙂


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