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My Little Goodwill Table

So I want to show you my latest project that took me almost three months to finish.

Let me start by saying that it would take any normal person a lot less time to finish, but a) I am not the most crafty person I know and b) I wasn’t motivated.


This cute table sat in my garage for all of July, August, and September before I touched it.

I even had a neighbor ask if this would be a permanent fixture in our garage.

Heh heh, hilarious.

Mike actually found this gem at the Goodwill near us this summer for $4.00.

It was this tan vomit color that wouldn’t really go with anything in our home. So what did I do?

I spray painted it.

I brought it inside after three or four coats of spray paint, and then the paint came off. So I then hauled it back out to the garage and sanded it to make it look weathered (basically to cover my mistakes but I love how weathered and vintage is “in” and in my house are code for damaged) and then I lacquered it. Three times. So now it is much easier to clean up, and it fits with our decor in the dining/living room.

The grand total breakdown looks like this:

Table = 4.00
Spray paint = 1.00 x 2 cans = 2.00
Lacquer = 6.00
Total = 12.00 for a great sofa table

UPDATE: This table changed many times after this post. Here it is now!
Goodwill Table

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