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But Will It Make My Bathroom Look Bigger? Part Deux

A couple months ago, I was on a mission to change up our master bathroom. I had grand plans: a new mirror, new paint color, paint the vanity and storage fixture (I cannot for the life of me think of the name of this thing) and put down a new floor of some sort. This was what the bathroom looked like in July:

This is what our bathroom looks like now (November):


Wow, doesn’t it look so much different?? (Sarcasm does not translate well over the Internet) Well, life impeded transforming our master bath and this is the best we could do right now. We got the mirror over Labor Day weekend at Lowe’s for 12.00! The cute little towel holder was $1.99 at Goodwill and Mike spray painted our formally white, circa 1987 fixtures a black color to meld with the mirror. He also sanded and painted the wall where the old mirror was with paint left behind by the previous owners.

Five years ago.

We called Home Depot, and they assured us that the paint was fine. I don’t think it’s fine. I think it is the reason behind me gaining two pounds since it went into the bathroom. Bad paint.
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