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Random Monday

Happy start of the week!
Just a couple of thoughts:
Thanksgiving is coming up next week and you are getting really excited or really stressed or both. I love this holiday myself, but sometimes I think we stress over the meal so much that we forget to decorate for Thanksgiving. There are no cute ornaments, no “turkey trees” to put up, and you don’t pile in the car to look at turkey lights all over the neighborhood. I would totally look at turkey lights.

So I have a cute idea for the holiday table so that people will talk about you into the new year….in a good way.

I got this cute frame at Dollar Tree a few months ago; I love this color for this time of year. Normally, I would have painted this, but I think it would look really pretty with all the amber and red colors on a typical Thanksgiving table. All you would need to get is enough of these puppies for as many guests as you are having.

Now- if you are having 50 people at your house a) I am so jealous and b) $50.00 is not economical, so skip this idea and just put a paper tablecloth on the dining room table and call it a day. With that many people, no one is gonna care what is on the table unless it is a turkey and the trimmings. But if you have a smaller gathering under 15, this is a great idea.

Go to your computer and print out different themes or words that represent what this holiday means to you and your family, or you could even type the guest’s name in bold letters and type a small blurb about why you are thankful for that person. It personalizes the place setting for that person and is such a great conversation starter.

My friend and I were out yesterday at this really cool and totally free decorating class at Pottery Barn. When we were looking around, we both said, “I wish I were rich so I could shop here”. But it was fun, and I took some pictures to steal inspiration ideas for us to recreate some more expensive items.

One thing we found:

Isn’t this a cute ornament? I am not sure if we could recreate this for less than the $2.99 they were asking, but I loved this and see the cute sweater blanket it is resting on??? I love this place; I wish they had one closer so I could spend money work there part time
Also, I wanted to show you a picture of the most upscale-looking DT I have ever seen.


Sorry, the picture is a little blurry; we were standing in a crowded parking lot and it was cold.


One more note: so the last blog post was about my wedding and I forgot to add pictures of two of the more important elements (to the females at least) of a wedding- my dress and Annie’s dress!

So here are some pictures:

Here is my sweet little girl’s dress. My mom got her this dress at Von Maur in Bloomington, Illinois, after trying on a couple of dresses, but this is what she chose with no persuasion from mommy. We told her while planning that this was her wedding too and to this day (at age 10) she still says “our wedding” when talking about the day. I love that.

Here is mine and let me tell you the story behind it before I show it to you. So I had planned to get all the girls together and go down to central Illinois to dress shop down there because my parents lived there and I wanted my mom to be part of the dress shopping.

So a few weeks before, Rebecca and I had a girl’s day, and we stopped by this little dress shop in a town near where we live. We just thought we would pop in with no intention of getting the dress. We were looking through the racks when Rebecca found a beautiful simple dress, but it was two sizes too small and had a train, something I didn’t want. But it was way within my budget. I tried it on; it didn’t fit, but I thought I could get myself into it within six months and I bought it on the spot.

Then Rebecca and I went to Culvers for lunch. Ha!

When I watched Gilmore Girls for the first time, the scene where Lorelai finds her wedding dress reminded me so much of when Rebecca and I found mine.


Image result for lorelai finds her wedding dress in the store scene
Courtesy of Forever Young Adult

After dieting for months, I took it to the seamstress to take off the train and to take it in a few sizes, and here is what it looked like on my wedding night:

I bet I can’t pull this thing up over my left shin now, but I loved this dress. My friend Mindy took this picture because as she said: ” you want your grandkids to see how hot you looked on your day“. Thank you, Mindy. I am so glad I have this picture.

Have a great week, my beautiful friends.

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