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Two Thrifty…But Exhausted…Chicks

For the past few weeks, my friend Melissa and I have been prepping for our first craft show, which is this Saturday. Since August, the two of us have been scouring Goodwill yard sales and Dollar Tree for junk. But not just any junk, junk with potential. And there is a lot of junk out there, I tell you.
So after months of painting, sanding, re-purposing, gluing, mod-podgeing, we are ready!
Well, almost.
Not quite.

OKAY, we are not all the way there yet, but after tonight’s last-minute cram session, we will be all done and we cannot wait to show off all our hard work. This whole idea started when Melissa was trying to figure out how to make some extra money this summer while still being stay at home mommies. We brainstormed and threw around some ideas:

cleaning homes (been there, done that), babysitting (not always reliable money), working at Panera (too many calories).

So that brainstorm session was the birth of our business Two Thrifty Chicks because a) we are thrifty b) there are two of us and c) we are chicks.

A few of my favorites:


This mason jar candle holder is so cute that if it doesn’t sell Saturday, this will be in my home Sunday. The great thing about this is that you can change it out for any season; I am thinking cinnamon red hots for Valentines or little pastel paper mache Easter eggs for spring.


Some of our framed sayings and our beloved stars. Can you believe someone gave these away to Goodwill…and trust me…they were giving them away. I can tell you that our stars cost a lot less than in the gift shops or catalogs.


This was one of our last-minute additions that I really think will be a hit from now on. We call it our “basket o’ books”, all used books in a cute basket. We have two for sale- this one is for women (a magnificent gift for the new mommy in the hospital?) and the other is for tweens (a great babysitter’s gift?).

Some other items that we will offer are:

cute 8×10 framed holiday subway art
-framed cute sayings for kid’s rooms, family rooms, etc.
-a Lake County IL. framed Subway Art print with all the towns in our county
– Chalkboard trays to put in your kitchen
– 3 tier dessert tray for your kitchen
– Chalkboard signs for hanging on doors
– metal stars..we have over 10 total
– Christmas ornaments
– baskets
-glass hurricanes
– cute holiday flower arrangements
-framed religious prints (crosses, religious subway art)

If you live in the area, we would love to see you come out and support our little business.

Plus, we are offering candy!!! Bribery at its best.
For those who are not sure how to get to the show, email me or send me a message on Facebook and we will get you there!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will post pictures from the sale here next week.