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A Craft Show, Some Great Soup and An Inspiring Story


Our first craft show was yesterday, and it went pretty well! We definitely didn’t sell as much as we thought we would but it was our first showing and a lot of the crafter’s there told us they felt it was a little slow, so we felt we did pretty good despite the lower earnings.

But I learned a few lessons doing this show with Melissa:

1- I am not a crafter at heart. I loved working on our projects together and it was fun to sell things we worked hard to create but I took time away from my family to do this the past several months and then took seven hours away from my husband and children to sit at a show. So not my cup of tea. I had fun hanging out with Melissa, but I think we might have had more fun going to Panera or shopping.


2- Our stuff fills a niche that craft shows may not cater to? We got so many compliments on our booth and our name, but I think we couldn’t compete with the felt ornaments, fashion jewelry, and oil paintings. We were told by many a passerby that we should try Etsy or a farmers’ market. So we are going to try the farmers’ market route next summer. Not sure how we are gonna feel sitting out in 90-degree heat and not selling anything, but we shall see.


We got some great comments and met some amazing people. We had some great crafters who shared a hallway with us as well; the cute lady next to us who has her own boutique in town and sold the cutest choker necklaces.

The women next to us (who called us “craft fair virgins“), one of whom lost her son to the war in Iraq in July at age 21. We hugged those women when we left, that’s how close we became during the day. So it was a good day, but next time we are bringing our iPod, more snacks, and a crossword puzzle.

2020 Kari note- iPod. Sigh. 

This was the hit of the show and we really wish we had made more. Oh well, next time.

This is subway art from the county we live in with all the towns listed. The lady next to us who has the boutique in town took down our email address and said she would like to order some for her shop, so keep your fingers crossed. We will sell this at the Farmers Market next summer, and I am sure it will do well. Only we will make 10 of these, not just one.

2020 Kari note- this was literally a piece of computer paper with subway “art” made from a free website, then slapped into a Dollar Tree frame. Sigh. 

Here is my business partner (doesn’t that sound so professional?), Melissa, posing during one of the many slow times. At one point, I was taking pictures of her “sleeping” and she texted them to her sister in San Francisco. We were that bored.


Here I am with my favorite thing we made for the show. I was secretly hoping this wouldn’t sell, and maybe that was bad karma for our booth. It didn’t sell and will be in my home for Christmas.


Some of our cute displays.

Our name was a big hit at the show with almost every customer commenting on it.

Not a huge enough hit for them to put down the crocheted potholder and buy something, though.

These brownies were heavenly! Thank you bake sale ladies for making these and helping the day to go a little faster. Oh, and the soup they sold was great too. We got the Pasta Fagioli, but everyone told us they are known at the church for their Chicken Noodle.

Some good things came out of this experience:

– I learned I work well in owning my own business with a partner and friend.

– We met some fun people who inspired us to keep trying and were cheering us on (I think the surrounding ladies were pretty excited that it was our first show and that was kind of fun).

– And I think we may have to try out the church where the show was being held. Adorable people, great Pastor and the kids who attend were so sweet and had such manners. We have been looking for a new home church that has more for our kids, and I think we may have found it.

2020 Kari note- we did not attend this church but kept attending the same church for another ten years.

So it was a great show indeed.

Happy Sunday!


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