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Turkey, Deals and A Little Monday Randomness

Hello friends! I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as great as mine and if you are like me, you most likely are on a food withdrawal diet today. My plain old cheerios for breakfast this morning seemed to pale in comparison to my mom’s “dunk” eggs, cinnamon rolls and fudge..yes, I said fudge…for breakfast that I had yesterday.

Here are some of the great highlights from the weekend:

This is the mac and cheese from Oprah’s Favorite Things Show. Mom and I found it at this store called Fresh Market (like a Whole Foods) in Peoria. I love this store. Now I really liked this mac and cheese but everyone else could take it or leave it.


This was my mom’s Thanksgiving centerpiece. I love this.


My mom let the girls decorate their own gingerbread cookies this year instead of making the annual gingerbread house.

I love this idea and the girls loved doing this.


Fun was had by all.

No this is not a crime scene just too much sugar, lots of energy and the just the right time to click the camera.

Such a fun weekend!

Today is Cyber Monday and there are lots of deals to be had!

I already did a little shopping and got my teacher and bus driver gifts for less than $10.00 in total.


One last random idea:

I made this over a month ago and thought it was a cute idea and could be a great Christmas present or even better housewarming gift. So I got the frame at Goodwill for $1.99. The H was printed from the internet, just googled letters of the alphabet and found this plain old H I liked and voila. Free art. Nothing spectacular but simple and understated.

Have a great week!

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