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Turkey, Deals and A Little Monday Randomness

Hello friends! I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as great as mine and if you are like me, you most likely are on a food withdrawal diet today. My plain old cheerios for breakfast this morning seemed to pale in comparison to my mom’s “dunk” eggs, cinnamon rolls and fudge..yes, I said fudge…for breakfast that I had yesterday.

Here are some of the great highlights from the weekend:

This is the mac and cheese from Oprah’s Favorite Things Show. Mom and I found it at this store called Fresh Market (similar to a Whole Foods) in Peoria. I love this store. Now I really liked this mac and cheese but everyone else could take it or leave it.


This was my mom’s Thanksgiving centerpiece.


My mom let the girls decorate their own gingerbread cookies this year instead of making the annual gingerbread house.

The girls loved doing this.


Fun was had by all.

No this is not a crime scene, just too much sugar, lots of energy and the exact right time to click the camera.

Such a fun weekend!

Today is Cyber Monday and there are lots of deals to be had.

I already did a little shopping and got my teacher and bus driver gifts for less than $10.00 in total.


One last random idea:

I made this over a month ago and thought it was a cute idea and could be a great Christmas present or even better housewarming gift. So I got the frame at Goodwill for $1.99. The H was printed from the internet, just googled letters of the alphabet and found this plain old H I liked and voila. Free art. Nothing spectacular but simple and understated.

Have a great week!

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