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My Favorite Things-Mike

So as I told you a few posts ago, I am asking my closest family and friends to guest post on my blog for the holidays to list some of their favorite things.
The first post goes to my adorable husband, Mike.

Hello everyone, I am the witty mastermind behind Kari and her blog. I also love to annoy my bride with movie quotes, especially quotes from the movie Caddyshack. I am known to ruin a romantic moment or two with a Ty Webb quote. But seriously folks, I am proud of my wife and her blogging and business accomplishments. Here is a list of my favorite things in no particular order:

1) Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Sausage Pizza– This is my all-time favorite Chicago pizza and the best one out there.

2) Zac Brown Band– He is outstanding and a huge fan of my other favorite, Jimmy Buffett.

3) Jimmy Buffett Live CD– Great cd. Jimmy is outstanding as well and I have been to 6 Buffet concerts (Parrothead). Bubba will remember one such concert as the peeing on the shoe incident.

4) iPad– they just look cool. I don’t have one, though.

5) Caddyshack on DVD– Great movie period.

6) MICHIGAN vs. OSU on DVD– I can’t remember the exact name but it isn’t the game, it is about the rivalry. I am a Michigan fan (go BLUE) but it is a good gift for a Buckeye fan as well. But if there is any confusion, a buckeye is a hairless nut.

7) White Sox Season tix- Like the iPad, I currently do not possess this but if you are looking to get me something…….

8) Miller Lite– TBDBITL= the best damn beer in the land- go bucks!

9) 4-day pass to the Masters– If I were Oprah, all the men would get this.

10) Courtside seats to the NCAA Final Four– I am a huge college bball fan and that would a be dream weekend for me.

Thanks, Mike, for your impressive list. Let’s see if Santa brings you anything….you might have received the beer if that snarky comment about the Buckeyes wasn’t made

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