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My Favorite Things- Dad

This latest post is from my Dad who is one of the smartest men I know, who knows the best corny jokes, and a great male role model altogether.

I’m Kari’s Dad. She asked me to participate in this favorites list project for her blog site and because I love her so much I will try to think of 10 things that are my favorites. I know, I’m not allowed to mention our children and grandchildren but just so you all know….. they are my wife’s and my all-time favorites. I have never watched Oprah or her favorites show so…. here goes.

1.My I Pod. I love listening to music and had no idea that a device the size of a small cell phone could hold nearly every song I’ve ever enjoyed hearing. One of the best gifts I have ever received.

2. The DeWalt 18 volt rechargeable drill. I’ve had a couple different drills in the past but they never seemed to have the oomph or hold the charge like this DeWalt. It’s my favorite drill and a wonderful tool that every handyman or handywoman (or even the unhandy ones) would be pleased to have and use.

3. Ohio State football tickets. I love Ohio and I love football so its’ perfectly natural for me to be a die-hard fan of The Ohio State University football team. In the past 40 yrs plus I have seen many a terrific game and have suffered through heartbreakers but my loyalty has never wavered. If I cut myself, I bleed scarlet and gray. I am proud to be a Buckeye Nut.

4. My John Deere lawn tractor. As a youngster one of the ways I made spending money was by mowing lawns. Some lawns were small, other larger. The early mowing was done with a reel-type push mower, graduating to a power mower by the time I was in high school. I enjoy mowing the lawn, especially because of the exercise you get, besides isn’t the smell of freshly mown grass terrific. When we moved 5 yrs ago, I found the mowing to be a lot more work, primarily because the new yard is 3 times larger than our old one. My wife suggested I consider a riding mower, but at first, I said I could handle the new yard. It took only one incomplete mowing to convince me she was right. We went to Home Depot and purchased my first Deere and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. All I can say, “Nothing runs like a Deere”

5.Orange scones from Panera Bread. Boy, are they good. I think any citrus lover with a sweet tooth would really like getting a few of those for a gift….hint, hint, hint.

6. Fried green tomatoes. As a youngster, we planted many tomato plants and they provided a bountiful harvest. Tomatoes were a summer staple and are they ripe red or green we ate them. Of course, we fried the green ones and I, for one, absolutely loved them and up to this day, fried green tomatoes are always a gift when I find them on my plate.

7.Anything Beatles. As I said earlier, I love music and I have determined there are many many artists that I truly enjoy. When it comes to a band, I declare that my favorite band of all time is The Beatles. They rose to the top in 1964 and after nearly 50 years I cannot think of a more talented, more creative, or more entertaining band than the Beatles in their prime.

8. Amaretto Di Saronno cookies. When we lived in Mansfield, Ohio our family made annual pilgrimages to the French Market (no longer there) in Columbus. During one of those trips, I found the wonderful cookie I enjoyed when I was stationed in Italy for 2 and a half years while in the service. Thereafter we purchased a tin each year. We have several of those distinctive red tins but now my wife buys the refill package and refills the tin. The Italians dip these cookies in their wine, I don’t dip, I just munch. You can find them in any gourmet food market.

9. WaPaGhetti’s Pizza. During the years we lived in the northern suburbs of Chicago I found a pizza that I really like. Now, that area has more pizza places than you ever imagine. Each proclaiming to be better than the other. My favorite is WaPaGhetti’s Pizza.

10. Portillo’s’ restaurant. I just realized that five out of ten of my favorites are food, I must be hungry. I really like their Maxwell St. Polish or the Chicago Style hot dog. Oh and their fries… Golly, I miss this place. We are getting quite a few nice places down here in our area lately. If only a Portillos would appear. Now that would be a wonderful present for this old guy.

Well, I had a good time listing my favorites and want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year but I’m off to find a hot dog!

Great list, Dad!! Can you wait a few more weeks for that Portillo’s dog??

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