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My Favorite Things- Melissa

Melissa is also a transplant to Illinois only she is from Maryland and is close to her mom as well, so we “get” each other and our “mom-sickness” so often.

I met my friend, Kari at a church in 2008. We had a little baby (just a

few months old) and she and her husband (Mike) had a little baby,

Ella. Feeling quite intimidated by the “older population,” we sat in

the back of the church. Kari and Mike and baby Ella came up and introduced

themselves. They were so nice and friendly! I was hoping the babies

could have a “play date” aka hanging out with Kari, and soon after we

met we got together. We had a lot in common–we both stayed at home

with our babies, our families were far away, and we were both funny

(if I do say so myself!). As they say, the rest is history!


Okay, here are some things I think are great:

1) Candles–cinnamon and vanilla. I love to burn candles in the

evening. It makes the house feel cozy and smell good. I usually just

buy the cheaper candles at Walmart or Target. It makes our house feel

all “Christmas-like” as well!


2) Glittery and sparkly things. I love glitter ornaments and glitter

stars. It makes me happy to see all these shiny things on the tree. I

don’t know why it just does. I even spray painted some pine cones

Bella and I found with glitter spray paint.


3) Crafts. I love to do craft projects. Whether it is sewing new

pillows, making a new wreath or doing some art with Bella, crafts

make my heart happy.


4) Our MAC Computer. I have to admit, I was not happy at first. I

missed the good old PC. But, I have grown to love and appreciate all

the features of this computer. I love that all my photos are labeled

by date. I can look up pregnancy pictures or pictures from our wedding

with one simple click. That is probably my favorite feature, but I do

love the simplicity of the computer. It is very user-friendly.


5) My heated mattress pad. This is the best thing ever. I am telling

you, everyone must have one. I believe we bought ours a few years ago

at Walmart, for around $100. Every night since I covered our mattress

with this piece of heaven, it has been on, warming my back and neck.

It is such a stress reliever. I even had it on low when I was pregnant

and it was so great. It has dual controls, so Steve’s side of the bed

is always on low and mine is always on high. He jokes with me and says

he doesn’t want to touch my side because he will burn his leg. It’s

really not that hot. It is just right. The way I like it. 🙂


6) My room darkening blind. Oh, my. This is such a wonderful addition

to our drafty windows. It costs around $100 at Lowe’s. We measured our

window, went to Lowe’s, picked out what we wanted and the guy cut our

blind right there. Steve brought it home and installed it, and we were

in love. Our room is so dark and cozy, you can’t even see your hand in

front of your face! It is also cordless, so we don’t have to worry

about Bells or Lucy (our dog) getting tangled in the cords. Bella

loves it, too. She loves to snuggle and watch “cartoonies” in the

mornings with mommy. I opened the blind the other day (because we

could barely see) and she said, “No Mommy.” So I closed it and we were

in heaven until 8:30 am!


7) Picture frames. I love all kinds of picture frames, especially ones

I find at garage sales and Goodwill. I love to display all sorts of

pictures and my newest obsession (thanks, Kari), subway art. I also

enjoy spray painting these beauties to match my decor.


8) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I. Love. This. Movie. It is

the best. When my sisters and I were younger, we would sit around the

table and say different quotes from the movie. My sister, Janey would

always say, “The blesssssssing.” And now the tradition continues. With

my husband and me. We watch that movie every year and each time, we

laugh and laugh like it’s the first time seeing Uncle Eddie in his RV

riding in on fumes from Gurnee!


9) My mommy/baby necklace. This was my “push gift” from Steve. It is a

tiny mommy holding a baby. I love this necklace for many reasons. It

makes me think about holding my new baby for the first time. When I

feel anxious or stressed at school, I like to hold the charm to remind

me why I am working–to help pay off debt so we can start saving for

Bella’s college.


10) Warm weather/summer vacation. I feel like winter goes on forever

out here in Chicagoland, and when the warm weather comes, everyone is

in such a good mood. I love to be outside with my family, at the park

or swimming at the pool. I love that you don’t have to wear extra

clothes. Just throw on a pair of shorts and go! Oh, how I miss you,

summer. See you in 6 months, my love!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!



Thanks, Melissa for such a great list!

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