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My Favorite Things- Kristy

When I was reading this next post, I couldn’t believe that it has been 13 years since I met this next guest poster, my sister in law, Kristy! 

I have known Kari for 13 years and I’m so thankful and lucky to have her as my sister. She’s hysterically funny and such a good mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend to those around her. I miss living right around the corner from her and Sara & Garner, especially as the family grows. When I think about Christmas, I think about the many years we’ve celebrated at both hers and Sara & Garner’s houses and the warmth, laughter, yummy food, and good times we shared over those special holidays.

On to the list!

1. Margaritas. Lime. With Salt.

2. Dyson Ball Vacuum. I love to vacuum. No really, I do. It’s the one chore I really enjoy. When our last vacuum went kaput, we decided on the Dyson and all the hype was true! It does have amazing suction and it’s so easy to maneuver. That English guy really knows what he’s talking about.

3. Blogs. Spending most of my day online for work, I read a few blogs religiously: A Grace Full Life (of course!), Young House Love (, and Dooce ( These fabulous women all have a way with words, don’t take life too seriously, and find joy in everyday things. And of course, provide great decorating inspiration!

4. Hand Lotion. A tie between Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardners Hand Therapy and The Body Shop’s Satsuma. I’m really sensitive to strong scents and these are both fresh and yummy smelling.

5. Gossip Magazines. I love to give my brain a little vacation with People, US Weekly, or OK! magazine.

6. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. YUM – sweet and salty – the perfect match. I’m not too picky about which kind, either. But did you know that Snyders now has chocolate-covered peanut butter sandwiches? Oh, and chocolate-covered Ritz crackers (they’re good, trust me). In a nutshell, just slather some chocolate on any salty snack.

7. CHI Flat Iron. My hair is neither straight or curly. It’s frizzy. This has been my frizz eliminator for years. They last for years, too!

8. Comedies. I love to laugh. My favorite comedies run the gamut of chick flicks (Love Actually, The Holiday) to guy movies (The Hangover, Blues Brothers).

9. Camera. Always have to have one with me – you never know when you’ll want to capture a moment in time.

10. Chicago Delicacies. Pizza, hot dogs, proper burritos – I miss them all!


Thanks, Kristy for your great list!!!

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