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The Final Countdown

Here we are 10 days away from Christmas and are you ready? I thought not. I have a few things to get but basically, I am all done and I didn’t have to go to many stores to do my shopping this year thanks to the Internet and my “coupon dealer”. I also got some great deals through Amazon this year because I had free two day shipping all season long which if I added it up would amount to 75.00 saved in shipping alone. WOW.So as I was cleaning on Sunday, I was moving some things you know I do…and I came up with some really cute ideas for last-minute holiday decorating on the cheap!

Isn’t that cute? So the mason jar was from one of our Thrifty Chick designs (most people have these things laying around in their basement somewhere but if you don’t, why not use an old pickle jar?), the bells were from…drum roll……..Dollar Tree….they were only a dollar for a package of 10 or so ( I have two packages worth in this jar). Cute, right? And best of all…CHEAP.


I can’t really have anything cute on my kitchen table for many reasons but the main reason is my almost-three-year-old. Now if I had some hideous centerpiece on my table, she wouldn’t give it a second glance but put up something that you don’t want paws on it and she is ALL OVER it. So I decided to put this on our kitchen table this season and it has been a hit. She actually asks for candy less now that this is attainable.

I got this cute glass container at Crate and Barrel when I was pregnant with my oldest.  But you can find these at Dollar General, Target or Wal Mart for a lot less. They don’t usually have red lids but that’s nothing a can of spray paint can’t cure.  And who doesn’t love edible centerpieces, right?

I ordered this from one of my daughter’s school fundraisers last fall and love it. Notice how the last pocket is empty? Yeah, that is from the same almost-three-year-old who loves to decimate carry around all the cards.


One last note-thanks to my friends and family for the great Favorite Things Lists! They were so much fun to read and I have some favorites from each of your lists:


Mike–  Zac Brown CD

Rebecca– Toss-up between Sula perfume and Chipotle Burrito Bowl…only extra steak, please.

Mom– This one was hard because I loved EVERYTHING on her list but would have to say Door County.

Melissa– The movie Christmas Vacation….we just watched it last week! Play ball!

Dad- The OSU tickets and if I ever were to snag some, YOU are the first person I will give them to.

Kristy– Also a toss-up between the margaritas and the People/Us magazine.

Happy Wednesday!

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