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A Walk in The Woods and Some Friday Inspiration

We forget how hard the toddler years are until you read about it. I liken it to childbirth. It’s that amnesia thing that makes you want even more kids. 
Also, why was my 2011 home so tan and red??

First published on January 14, 2011

It is such a beautiful winter Friday here.
No sun, just clouds, but 29 degrees, snow on the ground, and just peaceful.
I know cold to some, but in northern Illinois 29 in mid-January is temperate.
Ellie and I went for a walk this afternoon before her nap, and I just have to say that I am loving the age of three already.
We went for a quiet, discovering nature walk today in our neighborhood, and it was fun. I had to bribe her a little to come home from the park with a “chocolate treat” but it was completely worth it and I think we started a weekly tradition of getting out of the house mid-winter and going for a walk no matter if it is cold or not.

We took down the tree last weekend which can be depressing, but we rearranged our living area a little.


























I loved how this made the rooms more user-friendly.

We eat in the dining room way more than we did in the other “traditional” place and it is much cozier in the living room too.

At Christmas, we have always had the tree blocking the front window all of December and that made little natural light come in, but this year we placed it in the new living room and it made such a difference.

I love this room so much more now and it cost no extra money, just sweat equity and that also counts as exercise so I can have my Little Debbie Brownie now, right?
Happy Friday!

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