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Why I Blog

Why I Blog

As I have mentioned before in many blog posts, I love to blog.
I have always loved to write since I was really young and then, like a lot of people  I lost the time to do the things I love to do, like writing.
I had what I like to call Writers Attention Block (aka WAB) because if I don’t have anything, in particular, to write about, I just stop writing.
I have learned through the years and many a college course that you need to keep writing through that block as bad as it may be and eventually you will stumble upon a great subject.
I hope that’s not the case with my blog…the bad part that is.

So why did I start to blog?

When I was younger, I had TONS of hobbies.

I loved snow skiing, I played the clarinet, I was obsessed with basketball, I was artistic and creative, I would engage in crafting regularly, joined book clubs, even started my own cleaning “business”.

But once I had my first child, I did what most women who have children do, I threw myself into mommy-hood.

Out were the days of creating a great coaster project made out of mosaic tiles and in went endless nights of rocking a baby.

Out went Sundays spent at the ski slopes, in went Sundays at Chuck E Cheese.

Basically, I swapped all my creative juices for being the mommy that I thought I should be.

Then one day I was reading an article about doing “what is right for your soul” and it asked me what my hobbies were and I stopped cold.

Hobbies? Oh, that’s easy..…..”

Let me just think here…..”



It was then I realized that in the process of being this “super mommy”, I had kind of lost myself.


Where did she go?

What does she like to do when the kids aren’t around?

Who is she?

I had nothing left over at the end of each day to even think about ME.

I felt guilty if I wanted to spend any time or money on me.

So I didn’t.

My husband has hobbies, golf, basketball, sports in general and although he doesn’t get to enjoy these activities as much as he used to when he was a single guy, he still revisits them from time to time guilt-free (at least no guilt from me). I didn’t have that, even with the greatest hubby on earth (in my opinion).

So after this eye-opening article, I made a decision that I needed to do something for me.

Let’s see…I don’t like to sew, I am not at all handy with power tools and I am not good at painting/artsy stuff…what to do, what to do.

Then one day, I logged on to the computer and saw an email from Blogger about the blog I forgot about.

I created it back in 2008, wrote one post and then never returned to it (Typical WAB)

And it sparked something inside me.
I want to write again.
About nothing.

And so I did.

They say to be a good writer you should write about what you love.
So I do and I hope you know that having loyal followers who are reading this blog every week is just a bonus.
Thank you for taking this journey along with me.

And now, I have a hobby.


3 thoughts on “Why I Blog”

  1. I had a blog for a few years and I loved it… and then I finally got a boyfriend (hooray!) and it's been pretty much ignored ever since… Of course, now I have plenty to blog about… and in 5 weeks, I will have plenty of time to write!! 🙂


  2. @Jenny- I think I knew you had a blog. Do you ever go back and write in it? I think it would be a great legacy to leave to your little one. :)@Kristy- Thanks! Anything to brighten up all this dreary weather, right??


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