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Eat. Craft. Love

Back in the fall, I found this cute sign on the blog, Crafts By Amanda:


I loved how she saw something she loved in a store and made it her own.

But my personal favorite stage of her process was this:

I really love signs that are distressed but these can cost serious money in stores and catalogs.


I really wanted to do this but there was one thing standing in my way.

My fear of Home Depot…insert any other home improvement store here.

I know, weird.

I see these blogs about working with wood, molding and the like, girls using power sanders, Dremel machines, and I get all nervous.

My eye starts to twitch and then it all goes downhill from there.

I don’t know how to do these things.

I am as nervous going into Home Depot as I am going into a car dealership.

I just buy my spray paint/drawer pulls/flowers and move it on outta there.

But then one day I noticed this piece of wood in the garage propped up against the wall:

And I thought,  How did this get here?

It was THE perfect size for what I had in mind.

So I followed Amanda’s careful instructions and bought the right paint colors:

I also bought letter stencils (in place of a Silhouette Machine) which I found on clearance for nine dollars that included the whole alphabet, numbers and even punctuation marks.

These are usually found in the art section of craft stores. I found mine at Michael’s in the clearance section.


I got to work sanding the wood to prep it and then I painted the three coats in the order that Amanda stated on her blog and it looked like this:


I know, ugly right?

Then I added my stencils:

And added some flatware I got at Goodwill for the project:

And here is the finished product:

Not exactly as good as Amanda’s and I truly blame the lack of a Silhouette machine here because I think I did a pretty good job at the painting and making it look like an old distressed sign but the letters need some work.

Cost Round-Up Time!

Plank o wood– $0

Paints– $6

Stencils– $9

Spray Finish– $6

Utensils found at Goodwill– 50 cents

Grand Total



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