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I Heart You

I heart all of you, my loyal blog-reading friends!

Without you, I wouldn’t have kept on with this little ditty as my hobby and I wouldn’t be nearing 2000 page views!

I am so excited that it has gotten that high and in honor of such a big event, I have a fun blog post coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

I love Valentines Day.

The cute little cards that you buy at the supermarket to exchange with your classmates.

The Valentine “mailboxes” you make in school with shoe boxes and construction paper.

My favorite colors- red and pink…all of it.

 Love. Love. Love.

But I think my favorite part of Valentine’s day is…CHOCOLATE.


In celebration of all things hearts and love, I reached out to some of my dearest friends and asked them for four things:

1– a favorite picture of them with their beloved, 2-how long they have been together, 3– what their favorite date night is and 4 -how they knew he was the one.

I know, deep.

Rebecca and Bernie


Bernie and I have been together for 24 years, 25 on May 2nd. Our favorite dating activity is eating out and going to the movies. I didn’t know right away but now I know why we have been together for so long- his sense of humor.

 Melissa and Steve


We met in fall 2004 and dated from then on….married in July 2006. We like to go out to dinner and have drinks for a date night. (We especially love it if there is live music). I had seen an article about writing down everything you want in your ideal mate. I did this and put it in my Bible. Months later, I met Steve and knew he was “the one” because he matched everything I had written on my paper. I also wanted to add that in talking with Steve early on in our dating, it was really easy. It came very naturally like we always had something to talk about. We also had a lot of fun and laughed a lot, which was great. 



Kristy and Matt


how long have you been together– 13.5 years

favorite date night activity-getting a date night is a miracle in itself, but when we do, it’s a nice dinner out when we can take our time and enjoy each others’ company.

how you knew he was the one– Matt has an amazing sense of humor and makes me feel good about myself.




Kari and Mike


How long we have been together: We started dating in the fall of 2002 and got married in May 2006

Favorite date night activity: We make sure to schedule a date night once a month. Even if we don’t have much money, we just go out to the library alone or go for a bike ride but our fave $$-related date nights involve going to dinner at Applebee’s and eating at the bar (half price apps if you sit at the bar); walking around Borders with hot chocolate or going into the city.

How I knew: We were dating only a month or so and we hadn’t been able to connect that week for many reasons (work, school, sports, my sweet daughter) and I had mentioned I would be at the zoo with Annie and my mom in Milwaukee that morning, which also happened to be his work territory in sales at the time. The three of us were walking around enjoying the animals (right by the penguin tank to be exact) and he surprised us by showing up during his lunch hour. My daughter was just as smitten with him as I was at the time and it was just as exciting for her to see him as well. It was a really great moment. 

Happy Valentines Day!!

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