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Dollar Tree Does It Again – My Spring Mantel


I found this frame from Dollar Tree in with my Two Thrifty Chicks stuff:


And thought, what can I do to make you special?


 A little paint

And here you go!

I just painted the frame a dark green color and added the aqua to the accent pieces. It isn’t perfect (which is why I love it) and it adds a little pop o’ color to an otherwise drab transition piece on our table.

I just typed the word bloom on a word doc and printed it.

I wish I had cooler fonts on my computer but this is good enough for now.

Cost: one dollar.

Back in January while taking down Christmas, I was kind of eh about my mantel in the family room:

It still felt like Christmas on my mantel. Except it was January, so I reasoned (in my head) that it was a “lodge” look.

Then in February, I was sick of the “lodge” look and took down/arranged/moved stuff as I do and this was the look I came up with (see above).
Cute enough and I did like it for a while but as the three feet of snow melts here and it nears March, well, I am sick of all things winter related.

So I did this:

…..and I LOVE it!!!

All I did was take down the garland and then I took my stars to the garage and painted them white and black. The two greenery pieces flanking the mantel were hidden on a shelf back in the laundry area.

Remember the cute little pots I found at DT back in January:


They now have a home on my new spring mantel:


Twenty-eight more days ’til Spring

6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Does It Again – My Spring Mantel”

  1. Amanda-First of all I want to tell you that on my next post (which I already drafted), I am featuring your blog! At first, I thought you were directed here because you caught wind of the post but realized I haven't posted it yet….wow, fate! :)Second- I know, right! DT has some "diamonds in the rough" all over the store. I actually go in there now thinking…"hmmm, what can I do to make this better" but that is thanks to all the great blogs out there that inspire me everyday, like yours. :)Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I know, I love the mantel too! I like the background too but was afraid it was a little busy at first. Now it makes me feel spring-y too…..and the upbeat music. 😉


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