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A Work In Progress

When I set out to blog for the first time, I had the intention of creating an online diary, if you will.
With my thoughts, ideas, musings on life; something to leave behind for my girls when I am gone.
A little morbid, yes, but isn’t that kind of why we write in journals/diaries and the like?

To not only get it off our chest but also to leave a proverbial mark in the sand; to prove we were here, we had feelings and they were completely justified. Bridget had one. Marcia had one. Even the Wimpy Kid has one.

My grandma wrote her thoughts in diaries for years starting when she was older, until she could no longer physically write. There are books upon books of her writings and I could spend an entire year reading them from cover to cover and never be bored or even skip a page. Seeing her writings and her attitudes about things are so comforting especially now that she is gone.

I bet she never realized what effect it would have on future generations that will get to know who she is even if they have never even met her.

So in starting this little blog adventure, I never thought it would become so much fun to write and such an inspiration for others as well. Thank you to my loyal readers for your encouragement and well, your loyalty. When I see my page views jump up, I know who is reading this blog and it makes me smile.

But blogging is serious business nowadays. Did you know this?

It makes me wish there was some class/seminar I could take to improve my blogging skills. I have so many questions like:

How do I create a blog button??

How do I link up a post to another blog for one of their “parties”??

Where are you creating your customized blog templates and how much does it cost??

You know, burning questions.

I do have to say if you had asked me nine months ago how to copy and paste the HTML code to fit onto my blog template I would have said you must be drunk.

I am proud of my blogging “accomplishments” like learning to speak “blog speak”; typing in codes to change my blog and even designing my backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

But I still have a long way to go


If you know of someone who loves to goof off with computers for fun, send them on over.

I make a mean brownie.

5 thoughts on “A Work In Progress”

  1. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading your blog. By the way, I made the crockpot Italian sausage pasta sauce and it was awesome! Kelsey normally doesn't like meat in her sauce but this time she ate it! More recipes pls! I have yet to make the Shepherd's Pie.


  2. Thanks for the support. 🙂 I am so glad she loved the pasta, it is sooo yummy. I will keep the recipes coming!


  3. I have been keeping a journal since I was 6- I would be MORTIFIED if my kids (or anyone) (okay, except for my husband and even then it's ify) read them. No one's teenage angst should be for public consumption, ya know?I usually read your blog on my email but this got me thinking that I'm missing out on a lot b/c I don't get the fonts, backgrounds, etc. on the email so now I'm going to click on here to let you know that I am a faithful reader:)Christine


  4. Oooh, whats in your diary that is so mortifying……do tell. ;)I know you are a fatihful reader and thank you for that. 🙂


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