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Hello Dolly/Thank God I’m A Country Girl


If you have been a reader of this blog for a while you know of my love of all things Dolly Parton.

Her music, her Tennessee birthplace, her amazing personality

I even stalk follow her on Twitter.

When we were in the Smokies back in 2007 and I was searching for any and all things Dolly.  I remember wanting to again stalk find her “Tennessee Mountain Home” in Sevierville while we were there. We got to go to Dollywood and her brother was performing there the day we went but alas, no Dolly (she does drop in from time to time).

Dolly was my introduction to country music.

One of my earliest memories include spending time at my grandma’s house in the Ohio countryside doing many things such as going for rides through the beautiful Crawford County countryside, having bonfires in the orchard next to her house, visiting with relatives and friends but I also remember sitting on her living room floor and watching Hee Haw on a Saturday night.

I loved Roy’s banjo, Buck Owen’s red white and blue guitar and the panels of the fence that would hit people in the butt?
To a preschooler, that was pure roll on the floor joy.
We listened to the music performed on Hee Haw and we enjoyed it, tapped our toes to it, even sang along with it but country music wasn’t our music genre of choice growing up.
We grew up to good old fashioned rock and roll.
My dad wanted to be a deejay when he was younger (a dream he never fulfilled but I think he should pursue when he is retired) and had so many 45’s (records for those born after 1985; CD’s for those born after 1995) of great songs and artists that we never ran out of good music to sing or dance to growing up.
 The only country music I remember playing in our home was that of Dolly, Kenny Rogers, and John Denver.
Oh, sure there was the occasional mainstream breakout.
Remember The Oak Ridge BoysElvira“?

But I can’t say that my childhood was defined by country music; meaning that when I write the soundtrack of my life (specifically childhood) there would be no country tracks until around 1994. (With the exception of Dolly)

It started with a great radio station out here: US 99.5, in Chicago.

And a trend towards more mainstream country music that brought this great genre back into my life again.

And guess who was spearheading that campaign? Dolly.

The Bodyguard” came out in movie theaters in the early nineties and the hit song was “I Will Always Love You” which Whitney Houston sang beautifully.

But she didn’t write or perform this song first.

Dolly did.

Then something else happened to my group of friends in the nineties that further cemented country music on their brain.

They came to Ohio for my first wedding.

When I got married for the first time, we had decided that the event should be in Ohio in the church my parents married in/I was baptized in, in the town I was born in, in the area I was raised in.

The reception was held at a family-owned barn in the woods.

I love this picture for the background more than anything else.

Well, everyone in our wedding party (with the exception of my brother and my high school best friend) was from Chicago and they fell in love with the area I grew up in.

The scenery, the people, my family, the music, everything.

And in the process of planning a wedding, spending time with family and driving all over Richland County to get ready for our big day, I fell in love with it all over again too.

I do remember a friend of mine coming up to me at the end of the reception, lights twinkling, crickets chirping and the smell of moss hanging in the air saying, “ I don’t know why on earth you ever left here.”

Me either.

At my reception, there was a mix of all sorts of music (at my request) from rap to classical but the most requested music that night?

Country music.

Per the Chicago contingent.

When we got back, I did notice my friends taking a new interest in country music. Instead of going to see Janet Jackson, they were going to see Tim and Faith. Instead of heading to Taste of Chicago they were attending Country Thunder. My city-slicker friends were becoming country converts, thanks in part to my home state wooing them for a week in July of 1995.

While the marriage didn’t last, the beautiful memories did.

Every time I hear a country song, any country song, I think of that great day with all of my family and friends all in one place on a sleepy little hill in Bellville, Ohio.


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