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Three Things 3/7/2011- The Library, Shopping with My Girl and Rebecca


How was your weekend my friends? I am thinking of trying out a new idea for the blog from now on. I am planning on blogging each Monday about things that made me smile, gave me a lift, or brought me a little joy over each weekend. I read somewhere how this one woman wrote three things she is grateful for each day in her diary and that kind of sparked this idea. So here are the three things I was thankful for this weekend.


Thankful thing #1

 Free movies at the library.

I am a library junkie and I have always known they have free movies for rent there but I always seem to have a child when going to the library and to take the time to look through all the stacks for just the right movie, well, is a bit unappealing.

However, late Friday afternoon I went alone, and I found five movies. I almost felt like I was stealing or doing something bad when I walked out with five free movies. Here my two favorites:


Sunshine Cleaning

Synopsis- two sisters who have little money take on cleaning up after crime scenes to make big money. Very touching, but lots of blood and adult situations.


The Family that Preys

This one is a little tricky to give a synopsis for, but if you love any Tyler Perry movie, Beautyshop even Fried Green Tomatoes, you will love this movie.

Thankful thing #2

Window shopping at Goodwill with my 10-year-old

My oldest daughter had some money that was burning a hole in her little wallet, so I told her we could go to Goodwill since I had to make a drop-off. We browsed the shoes and the glass/kitchen junk then on to the sporting goods section (looking for vintage roller skates for a cute centerpiece idea for her upcoming birthday party) then on to the book section where I think we spent 45 minutes alone.

She ended up getting two little wallets (can’t have enough of those, you know) and I found this little gem that I fell in love with:

It’s so vintage. It’s so yellow. It’s so retro (I know, another word for vintage).
She was sitting all by herself with the picture frames and I felt a little sorry for her.
She most likely was in a little girl’s room, and now she was sitting on a shelf at the Goodwill.
Sniff sniff.

Thankful thing #3-

My lunch date with my friend Rebecca

It’s funny where I get my inspiration for each blog post. Some posts I plan out weeks in advance, typing them up in a Word doc to copy and paste into my blog form. Others come to me while I am driving or even exercising, but the idea for this post came to me from the quote on my little day-to-day calendar on my computer desk.

 Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.



Is this ever true?

She is the longest friendship I have ever had, going on 17 years this year.

We have never had an argument. Ever.

We know everything (bad and good) about each other and we still like each other.

We can go weeks without seeing each other, and it is never weird or awkward when we get together.

She is the sister I never had and since she is an only child; I think she would say the same as me.

We. Just. Fit.

There is only one hitch.

Apparently, no one (including each other) has thought to get over one or two pictures of the two of us together in these 17 years.

There is this one from early in our friendship:


Circa 1996. Yes, these dresses were in style.

Then there is one taken on our “girls’ weekend”; we had to beg one of the senior citizens from their tour bus to take it:


circa 2004 in Nappanee, Indiana
Then there is the one of the back of our heads at the bowling alley:
circa 2005 look how short our hair was??
And then, of course, there is the great shot after a day of making our wedding bouquets for my wedding:
circa 2006
From the looks of it, you would think that we don’t like each other.
I thank God for our friendship.
We have been through two weddings, one divorce, three births (my “niece” Kris came along before our friendship), job losses, we’ve worked a very stressful and very unrewarding job together, we took college classes together (and survived Anatomy and Physiology together), we saw her oldest daughter off to college together.
We have a history and even though we aren’t blood-related, she is my family.
She is my female soul mate.
Happy Monday!

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