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Happy, I’m So Happy


It all started with a book…..

The Happiness Project

…that I rented from the library.
Sorry Gretchen Rubin but part of my Happiness Project is to not spend $19.95 on your book.

It was a pretty good read but I did skim through it as I have book ADHD.

But there were several things that I took notes on from Gretchen’s book:

One of those things was her 12 Commandments list.

Basically, her rules to live by list just for herself; not anything biblical or relating to anything moral just rules to live by.

And it got me thinking, what would my 12 commandments be?

It is much harder than you think. Sit down and try to think of 12 rules for yourself to live by knowing that you cannot change the list once you make it.

Here is Gretchen’s list:


Be Gretchen.

Let it go.

Act the way I want to feel.

Do it now.

Be polite and be fair.

Enjoy the process.

Spend out.

Identify the problem.

Lighten up.

Do what ought to be done.

No calculation.

There is only love.



Uhh, no calculation? What does that even mean??

See, she is a college-educated writer/journalist/author so that in itself is so intimidating to me.

She is deep.

She can think of big words that I have to look for in a dictionary to find out what they mean.

She can jot things down on scrap paper in smarter language than what I take two hours to even think of.

My list won’t be as good as hers.

Wait, it’s my Commandments, right?

I am sure Gretchen never worried about how others thought about her list, right? Well, maybe her editor. And her college English professor. But other than that she probably never worried about how others read into her list. Probably.

So here is my list:


Fight fair.

Love like a child.

Pray more.

Be honest in all of my relationships.

Money does not make you cool. Or smarter. Or a better person.

Let your children see you reading a book.

Don’t cut down other people in front of your kids, your family, your friends.  Anyone.

Accept who I am even when I am not sure who I am.

Always save room for dessert.

Respect your elders.

If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t say it in an email. Or on Facebook.

Don’t give your opinion if no one asks for it.

I have to say, I loved this book for making me think in a different way about people, relationships and circumstances in my life and for that, I am grateful to Gretchen Rubin. And a little sorry that I didn’t spend the $19.95 on her book. Actually, that’s a lie.

When I went to Gretchen’s Happiness Project blog to re-read and link up to her 12 commandments, I found this cool site:


Basically, write your memoir in six words.


Amazingly, mine came out like this without even thinking:


But my most fave that someone wrote was this:

Eighteenth birthday. Anticlimactic entrance into adulthood.


I bet they grow up to be a journalist.

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