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Three Things 3/21/11- Someone Turned 11


My three grateful things

1- a cartoon movie that gives you a good cry

I love a good Disney/Pixar/Animated movie like the next person, but we haven’t seen a lot of them such as Aladdin, Monsters Inc., Antz. We are not really “movie people” in that we don’t rush out to see the latest movies in the theater, and we don’t run out to Target the day a movie comes out on DVD. In fact, we rarely get on the bandwagon months, sometimes years after a movie sensation comes out and when we watch it, we can’t wait to talk about it! Of course, no one is listening because they have already watched it like, a million times because they saw it years ago like normal people.

So when the littlest member of our family stumbled on the movie Toy Story last weekend, (a movie that my oldest and I have seen but my husband had not) we all sat around the TV and watched in silence (with the intermittent laughter of course) together as a family. She loved the “cowboy movie” as she calls it, and so that spawned a week-long viewing of Toy Story that required me to rent the movie at the library. We’ve also never seen Toy Story 2. Yes, I know it came out in 1999. Yes, I know I have small children. NOT NORMAL, PEOPLE! Anyhow, while at the library I also rented Toy Story 2, and we laughed harder than we had while watching the original Toy Story until we came to the scene where the girl gives Jesse away.


Oh yeah, because everyone saw it in 1999.

I cried harder than my children while my husband snickered at me. I think it’s a mom of children thing and moms will agree. They are growing up way too fast.

Oh, and I may never throw away another toy again.


2- acting like you are 11 years old all over again

This weekend our oldest daughter celebrated her birthday with friends by going rollerskating at a local rink. In honor of her turning 11 and always trying to be the parents who love to embarrass our children, we decided we would join in on the fun.

Oh yes, we did.

Me and my skates before we went DOWN. 
It was so much fun! The girls got a kick out of my husband and me skating, especially when I made a fun game for the girls to play that included trying to knock said husband down. It may or may not have included an extra piece of cake for the winner.
I know, it is amazing that he is still married to me.

Here is her party table:

There was not really a “theme” for the shindig but it was for my 11-year-old (aka- “tween”) so I picked some “cool” colors. Purple and black; we also did the zebra thing since she loves that right now.


I love all these colors and most of this is thanks to Dollar Tree! See the snack tray with chips? Dollar Tree. See the cute flower centerpieces? Dollar Tree. See the cute zebra shapes? Hobby Lobby from last week’s room makeover!


I also found this cute candy dish at Dollar Tree. It is only plastic, but I loved it and I can reuse it ’til it cracks and who cares? Why do I not care? Dollar Tree!


Oh, and I fell in love with these adorable straws at Dollar Tree that were with the Easter gear:

Too cute. And we used every single one.



and my #3 thing I was most thankful for this weekend

Pain Relief

It turns out I had a little spill this weekend.
Not on the roller rink (although I fell just once. Hard. On my rear end.) But the following day while doing the hard task of descending my stairway. I fell all the way down the stairs.
And got one of these:
An enormous bruise.
And this isn’t even the entire thing. I hid the rest under my shirt.
So I am hurting today, not from skating but from my “fight” with the stairway. I’d say the stairs won.
Happy Monday friends.

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