Friday Funk


Hello friends, it has been one helluva week here and I promise I will elaborate more on that within the next week but I felt the need to blog today without any “plan” or organized “outline” unlike what I usually have when writing up my posts. So welcome to my crazy life and my Friday Funk, this may be random but enjoy. I did have a post planned for some time now about how we as a society have gotten away from old-time values.

For example, when is the last time you wrote a thank-you note? Or writing one for/with your child? It amazes me that this seems to be completely disregarded in our culture these days. Am I old-fashioned?

do have a great idea for thank you notes that you could apply for a birthday or any celebration where you receive gifts. It started last year while shopping for my oldest daughter’s birthday plates, napkins, etc..

I hate buying cards.

I do.

I am sorry Hallmark but sometimes I just can’t help but think that this is a huge waste of money and paper.

A card for your dog’s surgery? Really?

Anyway, I especially don’t like having to purchase thank you cards for kid’s birthday gifts. Have you seen the ones with the fill in the blanks? Ugh.

So I came up with this cute idea:


Above is a picture of Ellie’s head but this is just for an example.

So take a picture at the party of the guest of honor with their friends.

Then order or print enough copies for each guest so you can compose a thank you.


Write or have your child write the thank you on the back of the photo.

The kids will love getting the picture from the party/event AND have the thank you on the back to remind them of what they gave as a gift and the date of the party. I love, love, love this idea and so proud that my cheapness thrifty nature came in handy.

Speaking of old-time traditions and the like, how many of you eat dinner at the table with your families each night? How about at least three times a week? I have a husband who has wonky hours so I know how hard it can be to get us all around the table each night but we do it whether he is able to be there or not. Even if it is just you and the kids alone, it is dinner as a family and I have a fun little game we try to play most nights to make sitting at the table fun:

My mom and dad got this for our family a few Christmases ago and we love this game. In fact, Annie played this with her friends at her latest birthday party and it was a hit. Not sure where mom got it but it is so much fun and even little Ellie gets into the action even though she has no idea how to follow the rules yet.

Oh and onto more random ideas, here is my Goodwill table all decked out for spring:



So this week has been crazy in our home for many reasons and those who are closest to us know why.

We are in the middle of some serious decision making, life-changing decision making and I personally am completely frazzled. I didn’t want to exercise this week (I stopped halfway through my walk with Leslie and just gave up), I didn’t even want to clean.


I do know that this has saved my sanity:


Not a Pedi/mani, not a big glass of wine, not even a back rub but these crayons have been the best stress reliever known to man. I have been coloring with the littlest member of our family all week and it is definitely helping me move forward more than a big piece of chocolate.

Have a great Friday, friends.

3 thoughts on “Friday Funk”

  1. Hang in there, kiddo. We love you! Oh, and I love your thank you notes – I remember when do did that many moons ago for one of Anna's birthday parties and that's filed away in my idea box for our kiddo in the next few years 🙂


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