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One Tough Decision Led To One Good Idea


There are times in the lives of most of us when we would have given all the world to be as we were but yesterday, though that yesterday had passed us over as unappreciated and unenjoyed.” 

William Edward Hartpole Lecky


So I eluded to a tough decision that we were in the process of making last week that was wreaking havoc on our lives.

This decision had to do with possibly moving out of state for a job opportunity and there were many different issues involved that I won’t go into here but this is how the past week looked for us:

Wednesday– We’re MOVING!

Thursday– We’re not moving…

Friday– Are we moving??

Saturday– WE ARE MOVING.

Sunday– we are not moving.

Needless to say, we are not making the move due to many issues that were seen and some that weren’t but we promised each other that we would not be looking back on our decision and we are trying to make the best of it.

I do want to thank those close to us for all of their support, love, and advice.

It was a devastatingly hard decision.

So this decision led me to a cool idea that I hope will be one that others will think is pretty cool too. One minor part of the “issue” of moving out of state was that I would have been alone for two months while my husband was working out of state. I was not honestly interested in planning a garage sale while taking care of two kids in addition to cooking, cleaning, packing, organizing, bill paying, chauffeuring, dealing with other BIG issues and basically being everything to everybody.

I love a good old fashioned tag sale like the rest of y’all but this would not have been in the big plan-o-gram of the next two months.

So I came up with a cool idea-

why not have the sale come to me?

I would send an email to my closest friends and then, in turn, ask them to send the email to only one or two of their closest friends to spread the word. I would be selling really cool stuff, not junk, just decor, baskets, stuff from our  TwoThrifty Chicks craft show and the like. And the kicker? I would have everyone name their price. No price tags just come in and make me a deal I can’t refuse.

A tag sale indoors (no bugs!) but with appetizers and drinks (think margaritas) among friends, not the sweaty guy who swoops in asking if we have any old records or tools for sale!

Kind of like a Tupperware party.

Except I’d be selling my junk.

Since I won’t be going it alone for two months, I considered not even having the sale but then I thought, “hey, this is a good idea” and it gets rid of all my junk. 

I mean t r e a s u r e s.

I have been scouring our closets, basement, and dark corners for all sorts of items I do not have a need for. There is nothing like the thought of having to move to inspire one to clean up your act and get things organized. Yes, I of all things straight and narrow has some proverbial skeletons (IE- boxes o’ junk) in her closet.

Lookie what I found while cleaning out Ella’s closet:


why they were in Ella’s closet, who knows…

These are treasure chests I bought at Hobby Lobby when I was dating my husband. I got one for each of us to put all our cards, mementos, ticket stubs, etc. in. I brought them down last night to show Mike and he couldn’t have been more thrilled to see them (said a little sarcastically) since it is March Madness plus the thought of revisiting our old sappy love letters is probably not the one thing a guy wants to do on a weekend. We did have fun after a couple of beers and started laughing, reminiscing and talking.

And it ended our stressful week on a much less stressful note.


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