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Three Things 4/25/11- Potty Training, Sebastian, and Easter With The Family

[spacer height="20px"] Three Grateful Things 1- It's official!! She is going on the potty!!! With both of my girls, I swear to God, I never thought they would ever be potty trained. My oldest was three and a half when she finally conquered the potty and I honestly thought I would be putting my youngest… Continue reading Three Things 4/25/11- Potty Training, Sebastian, and Easter With The Family

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A New Use For An Old Easter Basket

[spacer height="20px"] I went a different way this year for the girls Easter baskets. I got these cute little buckets at Target in the dollar section. [spacer height="20px"] [spacer height="20px"] So what to do with the Easter bucket after Easter?  I could save it for next year but these were only a buck each and quite honestly… Continue reading A New Use For An Old Easter Basket

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Quick Easter Craft

[spacer height="20px"] In honor of Easter this Sunday, here is a really quick and really inexpensive craft that would be great as decor for your home or even a cute hostess gift as a thank you for that Easter ham dinner. I also love the idea of giving this as a gift to your children's Sunday School teacher… Continue reading Quick Easter Craft

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My Kind Of Movies

[spacer height="20px"] I found this article at Chicago Magazine online about the top 40 movies filmed in Chicago: Top 40 Chicago Movies There are some great ones on there and some I had no idea was even filmed here. Some are a stretch as sometimes people from here like to find the "Chicago Connection" to everything. For example,… Continue reading My Kind Of Movies

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Before And After- Our Home

[spacer height="20px"] Before we purchased the home we live in almost six years ago, we went house hunting and saw lots of homes. We originally passed over the neighborhood we live in now because our realtor was confused as to what school district it fell in. But after seeing our future home for the first time, we absolutely… Continue reading Before And After- Our Home

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Four Ingredient Recipes- Cheap Chili

[spacer height="20px"] This just proves that the big names know nothing about blogging. I have no picture and this post has the crappiest name known to man. Cheap chili. Really? Yet, this post has almost 3,000 page views. So either this post is a gateway post to something seedier or Y'all love you some chili.… Continue reading Four Ingredient Recipes- Cheap Chili