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3 Things in One- 4/4/11


Like, Oh My Gosh….how was your, like, weekend?? Mine was like, totally stellar. So in honor of my, like, birthday month I am like totally doing a rad 80’s theme on the blog, ‘kay?

It will be totally tubular and I promise I won’t talk like this the entire month of April, so don’t like, have a cow or something!


1, 2, 3- a spring break mini getaway-

The girls and I took a trip to my parents this past Thursday for a long weekend getaway while Annie was on spring break from school. The girls had lots of fun and I did too especially after my youngest was asleep because as much fun as we had when she was awake (park, McD’s, bubbles and chalk) the real fun began after I put her in the crib:

Watching Toy Story 3 in full without interruption and a gazillion questions (I love you, Ella,!); having our Ballatore each night (mom and I…not the kids); sitting around the table listening to music and talking; watching some really great reality TV on demand while eating homemade queso, and topping it off, my mom making her homemade hot fudge sauce.

I sense a theme here.

Like, OMG.  Happy Monday!!

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