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Organization On The Cheap


The other day I was in an organizing mood. Now I admit, I am a neat freak most of the time but every once in a while I get into “spring cleaning” mode. Even if it is November.

So while making breakfast the other day, I looked up at the space above my cabinets and wanted a change.


Nice enough, but I was getting sick of it. No offense, red chicken.

So I took everything down, including the greenery, intending to keep the greenery down because it isn’t 1995 anymore.

But it looked just blah, so in my typical Workin’ With What Ya Got fashion, I made do with what I had.


I put the bowls back up, but I went into my dining room cabinet and found some glassware that I rarely use, and now it looks simple and not blah.

One thing outstanding that came out of my little shift was this gem that was hidden up in the corner.

I got this from my mom at baby shower #2; love this.

It makes my day every time I look at it and since the kitchen seems to be where I spend most of my day; I have it on my counter to brighten each day. Psst, Mommies are magic, pass it on.

So while in my organizing zone, I tackled our “pantry”. I call it a “pantry” because it is the size of a high school locker.

When we were looking at this house almost 6 years ago, the previous owners were using the “pantry” to store their cookware.

Plus, they had this hideous white plastic shelving unit in plain sight with all of their food, utensils, etc for everyone to see. “No, no, no, no…. that will change” were the exact words I said aloud when I saw that.

So here is my “pantry” before:




I have no secret people.
And here it is after:


Did I spend hundreds at the Container Store?


Did I go to Target and buy plastic containers?


I just moved things around/cleaned it up and I actually made an extra shelves’ worth of room.

So I then moved to the top of the fridge:


Where I had this enormous basket of….. onions.

Yep, that enormous basket had ONE onion in it.

Such a waste of space.

So I moved the onion to a better place.


Aww, he loves his new home.

This basket (from Dollar Tree) was hidden with microwave popcorn all the way in the back of the pantry, and now it is front and center.

I am a big lover of all things onion, but I always seem to throw away lots o’ rotten onions.

I think keeping them in the cool, dry “pantry” will help with that problem.

Back to the top of the fridge…I also had the bread maker up there and my knives.

So this is the after:


I moved the red chicken and the other stuff I just had lying around in different rooms.

The bread maker is on the empty bottom “shelf/floor” of the pantry, and the knives are on the top shelves of the pantry as well.

***Since writing up this post, I also added some light to the top of the fridge…

I love this so much!! Adding some light to that area brings your eye up and makes this area seem airier and more spacious. I love it when a plan comes together!

So it was a good organizing day. I did this over the course of a couple of hours!

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