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3 Things 4/11/11


Three grateful things

1- signs of spring!


Hello, lilacs!


our lovely spring flowers making their appearance


Yes, that says 80 degrees. Fahrenheit. In April. In Illinois.


2- soccer season begins

It truly doesn’t feel like spring in our home until soccer season starts for our oldest. She has been playing since first grade and loves it. We are a soccer family: my husband and ex-husband are the coaches; yes, we are a regular Modern Family.

And now Ellie is starting soccer for pee wee on Tuesday. This year, however, Annie will play on two teams, regular and traveling, so it should be quite the hustle and bustle to get to and from games and practices, especially with my husband’s crazy schedule.

3- My 100th post!

As the lead-in states, this post you are reading is indeed my 100th post to date! It almost passed me by, but as I logged in to my “dashboard” of my blog, there it was- 100 posts. Wow. Thank you so much to my readers, I wish I had a nickname for you like some bloggers do, I will keep thinking of that one. But you are all wonderful in my eyes and I can’t thank you all enough for your love, support, and tolerance of my grammar.

In honor of this occasion, I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 favorite posts (since I love lists).

My Top 5 Favorite Posts

1- My Kind Of Town

2- Little Girl, Little Girl, Where Have You Gone

3-Why I Blog

4- Fall-ing In Love

5- These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things




Thanks again for making this so much fun!

I heart you all.