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Three Things 4/18/11- Time

Happy Monday! I know, I know…what’s so happy about it, right? I am just happy we got one good sunny day in on the weekend and it happened to be on my husband’s day off.
First of all, let me clear the sleep outta my eyes because is that S-N-O-W I see this morning all over my yard and trees????
And not just a dusting… it’s SNOW.

On April 18th.


Three grateful things

1- Time alone

Friday night, I had the house to myself…well, almost. Annie was at a sleepover, Mike worked late and Ella was in bed by 7. So what did I do?

work on a cool new craft for the blog??


organize my kitchen drawers??


I sat on the couch.

For two and a half hours.


Watching Mad About You.


2- Time with my girls


It was a good weekend to snuggle with my girlie’s as it rained all day Friday and Saturday. Both of Annie’s soccer games were canceled and so we just stayed in, watched movies most of the weekend, dyed eggs, had an indoor egg hunt and ate an early Easter dinner. It was nice because most of her friends were out of town this weekend so for the first time in a long time I had her all to myself. Not sure if she was as appreciative of this as I was but she will be one day.

Down the road.

When she is like, 30.


3- Time with my husband

My hubby works every Saturday. Every. Single. One. So Sundays in our home are huge for many- a- reason but him being home is one of the biggies. We had a great time together as a family unit but I enjoyed the time with just him as well.

So happy Monday!!!

And I guess I should get out my snow shovel.
I love the Midwest, I love the Midwest, I love the Midwest.

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