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A Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom,

This Mothers Day I have decided to write you a letter to let you know how much you mean to me. I think you know how much I really, really like you but isn’t it nice to see in print? You have been such a huge source of emotional support for me over the years and even though we have had our ups and downs like most moms and daughters, I can’t imagine having any other person like my mom.



I love that we have been best friends for all of my adult life.



I love that we have laughed so hard that we almost peed our pants.
On more than one occasion.




I love that you were there for me during my first pregnancy and helped me with all of my worries and to answer questions you can only ask a mom, like what the hell is a mucus plug??


I hated that you weren’t able to be around for my second pregnancy but I do remember that day I found out that I was having a girl and she would be named after your mom, Ella and how we cried and cried on the phone.



I loved watching you become a “grammy” and now “Mamie” to Annie.


I love watching the relationship with Ellie grow from afar.
I know it’s so hard on you not being near your grandkids but they love you so much no matter how often they see you.


Thank you for getting me through one of the hardest times in my life- the divorce. I could not have weathered that storm as well as I did without your love, support and gentle guidance.



I am so sad that you had to endure radiation and surgery without your children around when you were diagnosed with cancer five years ago. But you did and you unselfishly came up for a week before my wedding less than a month after said surgery to be with me and get me through my stressful time.



I know it was hard for you to lose your mom even though she did live to be 102. She was such a comfort to you and you two were so close.

You can never have your mommy long enough, can you? But she is our Angel now and we feel her all. the. time.

I learned how to be a mom from you.

I learned to make my kids a priority from you.

I learned how to be a loving wife from you.

All of these things and more I learned from you.

We may have different ways of doing things but you laid the groundwork for me to be the mom that I am today and for that I am thankful.

I love you, mom.




Happy Mothers Day to you and all of the mommies out there!

4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Mom”

  1. Oh and I cried when I first read it and my mom went through a box of kleenex as well. And Happy Mothers Day to you Marcie! 🙂


  2. Aww, thanks Roseann!! I cried while writing it and I think it is my best post yet. 🙂


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