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A Letter To My Mom

I first published this post in 2011, but I added more to the bottom of the post this year. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers of human and non-human beings out there. If you’ve raised up other people (or animals), whether or not they’ve come from your loins is beside the point.
You ARE a mother.

First published May 6, 2011

Dear Mom,

I love that you are the most fun person I know. 


I love doing random things with you. Like seeing if we can eat two Big Macs in one sitting on a dare or staying up until two in the morning playing Skip-Bo, or drinking Ballatore on the deck in the dark. 




Thank you for indulging me with all of my many worried phone calls during my first pregnancy. 



What’s a mucus plug??

It’s fine! You probably won’t have one. 




You mean there’s gonna be a baby? That comes out of my vagina? And I have to care for it?

I hate that you moved far away and weren’t close for my second pregnancy. But we didn’t let that stop our late night games or our drinking on the porch traditions. We just couldn’t do those things as much
Settle down. I didn’t drink while I was pregnant. Geez..



I loved watching you become “Grammy” to Annie.



Which grew to become “Mamie” to all three of your grandchildren.



They fell in love with you just as much as I did. 

But selfishly, I’ve most loved our time together over the past couple of years since you’ve moved back to Illinois.

I know it’s not as beautiful as Tennessee. I definitely know it’s not as warm as the south. Illinois is not the most spectacular place on earth.

But the memories we’ve made together have been so special.

I appreciate you, Mom.

And I know you appreciate me too.

The pandemic was horrible, but there is a beautiful aspect to it as well. It helped us to see how much we needed to be grateful for what we have. When you have the ones you love near you, it is the most spectacular place on earth after all.

I love you, mom.

I am ever so glad you are here with me.

Happy Mother’s Day.



9 thoughts on “A Letter To My Mom”

  1. Oh and I cried when I first read it and my mom went through a box of kleenex as well. And Happy Mothers Day to you Marcie! 🙂


  2. Aww, thanks Roseann!! I cried while writing it and I think it is my best post yet. 🙂


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