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Goodwill Craft – Chalkboard Paint Makes Anything Look Good


Last summer I was perusing all sorts of thrift/junk/”vintage” stores in search of anything that I could salvage into something cute. Literally hoping to turn trash into treasure for the business that my friend and I were hoping to create.

Well, I found these wooden hearts at a Goodwill store nearby for 25 cents each. A little too “80’s country” for my taste but they had POTENTIAL!

So I came home laid my handy dandy tarp out on the garage floor and painted each one with 3-4 coats of chalkboard spray paint, added a cute little ribbon and TADA………

 chalkboard hearts

Cute little chalkboard signs for only 25 cents each. Now I had the spray paint already and the ribbon but if you end up going out today to buy a can of chalkboard paint, it will last you a long time (that is unless you plan on spraying an entire chalkBOARD on your wall, then you will need a few more cans!)



Happy Spray Painting!!


3 thoughts on “Goodwill Craft – Chalkboard Paint Makes Anything Look Good”

  1. Thanks Bec! I love my chalkboard paint and even led me to create the chalkboard-ish theme with the blog text and background! Thanks for letting me link up and I am gearin' up for next Friday! Weeee!!Kari


  2. Thanks so much! Yes, I love chalkboard paint and it can make pretty much anything look really cool. 🙂


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