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My Attempt at a Summer Mantel

Here is my original take on a summer mantel:


I love this little lamp. I got it at Target years ago on clearance for under 3 bucks.





I may add some faux geraniums to this mantel before I link it up.
But don’t get used to the above as it has changed a multitude of times.

First, I created these cute little accents with frames from Dollar Tree here



Then I wanted some color for the mantel so I painted these cute little birdie candle holders that I got from where else…Dollar Tree.
And I loved the mantel even more….really I did but it was missing something……
And that seemed to do the trick. Almost.
Then my good friend bought me the cute little 2 mason jar and I knew I had to use it on the “summer mantel”.
So here it is, the final product.
I swear.
Then I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.

So I painted the middle star red with my handy dandy spray paint.


Happy Summer Mantel-ing!!

10 thoughts on “My Attempt at a Summer Mantel”

  1. Your mantel is beutiful. I have a transitional living room and didn't know what to do with my mantel. I hope you don't mind if I copy yours.


  2. Not at all! I am totally flattered..:) I have a hard time with decorating my mantel for the summer and spring months too so I am glad this gave you some inspiration!Thanks for stopping by Judy!!Kari


  3. I saw you through a link party and had to check it out! this looks great! Wow you did such a nice and beautiful job! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!-Nikki


  4. Thanks for the kind words, Nikki! I already checked out your blog and am in love with it already since I love to cook!! Oh and I am officially a follower as well. :)Thanks for stopping by and glad to meet a new friend. :)Kari


  5. I love the red, yellow, black and white all together. I feel like I'm always tweeking everything. It's fun! Thanks for linking to the party and I hope to see you again this week.


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