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Three Things 6/6/11 – It’s Baaaack


3 grateful things


1- Date night with my husband that didn’t break the diet bank (or the actual bank)

So as you might already know my husband and I have been on a “diet” or “lifestyle change” for a month now and while it has not been easy, we can definitely feel the difference. It basically entails eating low cal, low fat, low sugar foods/meals; lots of water (not drinking our calories away on juices, pops, milk or alcohol); two fruits a day; lots of veggies, and moderate exercise. But one day a week we can have fun: eat what we want (within reason) and that day is Sunday. Well, when we got the chance to go out to dinner Friday night thanks to our neighbor’s swapping babysitting “services” with us, well, we were ecstatic!

2- One proud mama bear

This was a big weekend for my “little” girl. She is officially a 6th grader (sniff) as she finished her last day of school on Friday and she had the game of her life yesterday. It was 95 degrees here, and the game was at 12 noon. Us soccer mamas laughed because every game was miserable this year: cold, blustery AWFUL and they were all in the early morning. The first late day game and it is 100 degrees and sun. Seriously?

Anyway, even with the heat (and dehydration that affected a lot of the girls), my little peewee (or Little Monster as her traveling coach calls her) got in there and for lack of a better word kicked butt.

The other moms and I were screaming and almost in tears it was so much fun to watch! The other team was undefeated this spring and scored three goals in the first 15 minute quarter. But our team came back and never let them score one more goal to win the game 7-3. Such a proud moment. Three more games and she is done for the season….whew. Because as happy as I am that she likes it, I am also looking forward to having our evenings and weekends to ourselves.

Until September, that is.

3– Is that me in the mirror?

For as long as I have been blogging here, I have told about my struggles with weight. Since the birth of Ellie, my metabolism has been so screwed up that I was almost praying for menopause.

So it wasn’t until I was under the glaring lights of a too-small fitting room in a Kohl’s back in April that I decided- that’s it, I am done. I want to look good. I want to wear cute clothes and not frumpy ones. I want to feel sexy again. So I took drastic measures and went on a strict diet.

One stipulation: my husband had to go on it with me. I needed a partner in crime, someone to keep me in check, someone who wasn’t eating a chili cheese dog while I was eating a Lean Cuisine. He agreed, and we were off.

A couple of things about this “diet” or what we like to call a “lifestyle change”:

– I go to bed hungry every night. I am not by any means starving myself, but I am definitely not eating the calories I was eating back in April. It has been a process of my body getting used to it, slowly it is, but I still go to bed feeling hungry.

– Chipotle is low fat if you are careful. We can get a Burrito BOL there, and it is only 330 calories for an entire meal. This is how I order it- with black beans, lettuce, fresh tomato salsa, steak, and green peppers/onions. If you take it to go, but low fat/ fat-free sour cream on top for some creaminess. It is so good!

– It is hard to drink four enormous glasses of water each day. In the beginning, I was vigilant. I had my water with me everywhere. But on days when we had soccer practice, I had to cut back because there are no restrooms there and that could make for a long and painful 90 minutes.

– I feel like it takes everything out of me to exercise. When I was exercising every day in the winter, I felt like it was a pass to eat what I wanted in moderation. I actually gained weight over the winter, even with exercising five days a week. Now that I am dieting, I have no energy for exercise beyond taking Ellie to the park or running around the house doing my usual up and down the stairs, etc.

But it is paying off because I have lost 11 pounds since the first week in May!

And my husband has lost 10 pounds!

Some weeks are better than others- the week before last I only lost one pound but this past week I lost three AND I spent three days eating basically whatever I wanted because I was on “vacation”.

So I feel like I have tricked my metabolism a little bit, and I am so excited and proud of us that we are doing this. You can do this too! I didn’t buy a fancy book at Border’s, spend 10 bucks a week on Weight Watchers or sign up to join a gym. We are doing this on our own, with no help from the outside. We took control of our lives and it feels delicious.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Three Things 6/6/11 – It’s Baaaack”

  1. These are awesome, Kari! 🙂 Congrats on the 11 pounds!!! That's about how many I'd like to lose … but I'm not sure I have the perseverance to stick with a "diet" — kudos to you!!!And thank you for your comments on my blog this morning. It really means a lot – and I TOTALLY get what you're saying. I'm sure I won't QUIT – but I just need to find a happy balance, somehow …Hope you're having a great week!~Bec 🙂


  2. Bec- If I can stick to this "diet", any one can…:) I have up and down days with my blog too so I can relate completely. You are one of my inspiration blogs so I look forward to your new posts weekly. Keep the faith, your loyal readers will always be reading…….:)Kari


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