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I Plead The 4th- Cheap 4th Of July Decor Thanks To Dollar Stores Everywhere

I should re-name my blog “A Dollar Tree Life” because that seems to be the most common theme around here, doesn’t it?

In fact, when checking my stats I find that I get an average of 50 visitors a day just from people who google “dollar tree craft”.So I will not disappoint with this post today! I am not normally a summer holiday decorator. In fact, until recently I owned nothing specifically summery for those important summer holidays here in America.

Not until I visited the Target Dollar Spot the other day and picked up these guys:


I knew I could create a cute centerpiece just using these.

No painting required, no extra “ingredients” lying around the house. Well, except for one outside source…


Play sand!

Thanks to the girl’s sandbox in the backyard here but you can find sand at Home Depot or Lowe’s for under 5 bucks for a bag. Personally, if you don’t have access to sand, borrow some from a neighbor.  Borrow. Not steal.

I then added a flameless tea light.

And voila!! Cute 4th of July table decor for under 5 bucks! I can’t wait to see what this looks like at night with the candles lit!

So then I got inspired.

What else can I make that is all things summer/patriotic with what I have around the house?

I got this star at Dollar General years ago for $1.50 but it was a weird blue color.


Remember my number 4 tray I made here?

So I added the mason jar above that was in my basement on my decor shelf and added the faux geraniums that were also on the decor shelf. I got the flowers years ago at a Ben Franklin store a few towns away for two dollars for the whole bunch.

Then I added the star…..


Does this look familiar??
Maybe this will help refresh your memory…..
 So I just painted over it with red spray paint (instead of acrylic like I did the first time here) and added some Antique White acrylic paint to the detail on the frame with my fingers.

The inside of the frame is just the backside of the “bloom” paper (so I can re-use that next spring if I want to) and the letters that make up USA are the same letters I used for the Easter Basket transformation here). This is when I so wish I had a Silhouette machine but I think I made this work.

So far so good but it’s missing something……

Some wicker-like balls to add interest! I got these cute little guys at an adorable little store called Cocoon back in the mid ’90s with my mama. I love this shop and had no idea that it still existed until I wrote this blog post.

Finished product!
What do we think?

Head over here for more dollar store crafts! 


9 thoughts on “I Plead The 4th- Cheap 4th Of July Decor Thanks To Dollar Stores Everywhere”

  1. That is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing. I found your fun July decor ideas through the Organize and Decorate everything linky party. Come and say hi back I love bloggy friends. And please Vote for me on my blog thanks it only takes 2 seconds I promiseA mommy's life…with a touch of


  2. You had me at "Cheap-O"! ha ha! I am a HUGE fan of the dollar tree and anything else less than a dollar and love finding what I can do to decorate with those limitations!:) You are definitely a girl after my own heart-LOVE the 4th decor, I really need to get started on mine! Following you now!Angela


  3. @ Angela- Thank you so much for the kind words and I am so glad that I found a new friend/follower today! I love all things cheap/dollar tree etc… so keep tuned in because I will always keep the focus on keepin' it real! @ abeachcottage- Thank you for letting me share my link on your blog!


  4. Very cute! It all looks fabulous! Unfortunately, all my holiday/seasonal decor went into storage accidentally when we moved so I don't have any of my decorations. Looks like cheap, easy, fast fixes for me this year! Thanks for the inspiration and linking up tho this week's Catch a Glimpse party!


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