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One Year Blog-A-Versary Spectacular!!

I have been a blogger for one year as of today!


I am so excited about this because when I started, I never would have imagined I would have this much fun, meet so many neat and amazing new friends, and just love it to death.

In fact, I completely forgot about my anniversary until a few weeks ago when everyone was having those issues with Blogger and I looked through my edited posts, and my first ever post popped up in front of my eyes…..June 14, 2010.

Here is what that post looked like:

In talking with my friends and family and with the encouragement of my awesome husband, I am starting this blog. What is it about? Well, I am what you would call a little hyper-organized. Seriously. I LOVE to clean, organize, decorate, etc. and have since I was little. I literally have fond memories as a child of cleaning, the smell of lemon Pledge and the feeling after organizing my childhood bedroom that lingers with me today. Cleaning helps me relax and feel organized and I am no longer ashamed to admit to that, ok a little ashamed. 🙂 So I thought to myself, why not go forth and help others who we might call “organizationally challenged” and spread my “talent”. So here I am! For years I have wanted to start my own business but was afraid to take a dip in the business wading pool. I turned 40 this spring and decided that now is the time to take control of my future and so I have a toe in that pool and the water isn’t too bad. Wish me luck!

 I feel like I have come a long way and yet, not too much has changed:

I still love to clean, organize and decorate and it helps me relax.

I KNOW. I am one of those.

But I am no longer looking to create my business because as my friend and I found out last fall, it is really hard and I am just not there right now in my life.

I have seen how my writing style has changed from journal entry-type posts to those that invite you in as a reader to the pictures I took that were plain ugly then finding Picasa thanks to fellow bloggers and how it has completely changed the way I take pictures.

I love that I have learned how to read HTML and learned to link up my blog to another blog’s “link party” to draw in readers and increase my page views. I really love that I have also learned to look at my home differently in order to decorate on the cheap and I love all the inspiration the blogging world has given to me in order to make things in our life “pretty” even when life wasn’t looking pretty at all.

But most of all, I love I learned to do these things on my own.

As a stay at home mom, it’s good to have things in your life that are just for yourself.

So, in honor of my little anniversary, I am giving everyone reading here a new car!!


I thought I would let the pictures do the talking.
















Just know that the living room is where the dining room used to be and vice versa.

But that can always change in this house.

I love how Dollar Tree can inspire me to create something fun and usually under five bucks to boot!






It has been such a fun year. Thank you so much to all who read this blog every day. I really appreciate you, and I hope I can continue to keep you interested in my adventures for another year, and another year.

I love you all!

Here’s to year two!


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