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One Fun Week. Well Sort of.


First off, this came in the mail over last weekend:



What is this, you ask?

Well, it is my blog in book form!

Blog2Print  helps you to print your whole blog from beginning date to end (I only did my first year) or you can choose dates you want to be printed. You decide how you want your front and back cover to look like and you then decide if you want the pages to be color or black and white (I chose black and white because it would have been over 150 bucks for color).

So now I have a “journal” of sorts for my kids and grandkids to look at when they are older.

 So much fun!
Then we went to my goddaughter Kelsey’s 13th birthday party at a bouncy place:


Watching big sister climb the wall.
On Sunday, we went to the pool with our neighbors and the kids.
It was so much fun to just go to the local pool and pretend we were at a resort.
In Jamaica.
What? A girl can dream, right?
But the most fun part was that the four adults got to go on the water slides.
The girls that we were with are now old enough to babysit so while it was adult swim time we got to go on the slides, just the four kids adults.
Pure joy.
I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Especially when our friend kept purposely steering their inner tube so his wife would fall in.
Even the teenage lifeguards were laughing with us.
Or at us.
Then we went to Mamie and Papa’s house for a little vacation!
We hit the zoo.


Then had an old-fashioned picnic at the park.

And all was good until little one had a meltdown.

Too much bouncy house, pool, water table, zoo, and picnic most likely but it was ugly.
Real ugly.
So I guess not every part of this week was fun.
Oh, that and the fact that Ellie got car sick and threw up five times consecutively on the way home.
Good. Times.


Happy Friday and Happy 4th Of July!

4 thoughts on “One Fun Week. Well Sort of.”

  1. Holy smokes! That is a heckuva lot of FUN for someone who says they don't normally have a lot of fun things goin' on! :)~WOW! Love it all! And LOVE your always-grateful attitude … it is so awesome. :-)Have a perfect weekend!~Bec 🙂


  2. Definitely a lot more goin' on than usual which led to the meltdown by the three year old..:) Thanks so much for all of your help and support with this blog. I am STILL getting new readers every day with your feature from a few weeks ago and I am so grateful for that. :)Kari


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