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One Fun Week. Well Sort of.

This came in the mail over the weekend:

My blog in book form.

We went to my goddaughter’s 13th birthday party at a bouncy place:

On Sunday, we went to the pool with our neighbors and the kids.
Then the girls and I left for my parents for the week.
We went to their local zoo.
Then had an old-fashioned picnic at the park.

And all was good until the little one had a meltdown.

Too much bouncy house, pool, water table, zoo, and picnic most likely.
Happy Friday and Happy 4th Of July!

4 thoughts on “One Fun Week. Well Sort of.”

  1. Holy smokes! That is a heckuva lot of FUN for someone who says they don't normally have a lot of fun things goin' on! :)~WOW! Love it all! And LOVE your always-grateful attitude … it is so awesome. :-)Have a perfect weekend!~Bec 🙂


  2. Definitely a lot more goin' on than usual which led to the meltdown by the three year old..:) Thanks so much for all of your help and support with this blog. I am STILL getting new readers every day with your feature from a few weeks ago and I am so grateful for that. :)Kari


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