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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Lang Calendar Frame to a Cute Little Tray, Some Maneuvering and a Lamp

Have you ever heard of Lang Calendars? I have been saving my Lang calendars since 2002 as somewhat of a diary since I don’t really have the attention span to do actual diaries.

So I have had a Lang calendar frame hanging on my kitchen wall for years. In typical Kari fashion, I forgot to take the usual before picture. But I had it in the same place in my kitchen for six years. It was time for a change.

So I took it down and replaced it with cork boards.
Here is how the calendar sits on the wall now. Much easier to access than before when it was in the frame.
I then painted the old frame with Rustoleum Antique White spray paint:
Then I spray painted the middle piece with what is also turning out to be my “flavor of the week” paint choice- chalkboard spray paint



Here is what I came up with:
A cute little tray for my 4th of July centerpiece!
And here it is after the 4th on my coffee table.



Right now you are probably asking, why the chalkboard paint?
What happened was this: I did not intend for it to be a tray until I took off the painter’s tape and loved how it turned out. I was initially intending it to be a menu board for the kitchen but wasn’t sure where I was gonna put it or how to hang it. That still may happen, but it’s always good to have possibilities, right?

Last summer, I did something very daring. I flipped my dining room and living room. And I didn’t even have a reason.
This was the new dining room (formerly the living room).


This was the new living room (formerly a dining room) see the chandelier at the top of the picture? I kept it this way for almost an entire year. But the other day I got the itchies, and I wanted to change it up. Really I don’t have lots of time on my hands. It’s just that I like to make time to do these things. Plus, I always have little helpers too.
First, I moved it around to look like this. I loved it but realized it wasn’t too functional and there was too much stuff in this little area.

So I moved it to this area. I like it much better here.                    

I moved the little Goodwill table I made here in front of the window.


And I created a little, what I like to call, book nook.
The “dresser” is back in the “dining room” again… confused yet?
Here is my “helper” slacking on the job. Don’t mind the socks. She wears knee-highs almost every day, whether it is 100 degrees out. She says they are shin guards. Just like her big sister wears for soccer.
 I love her so much, bless her sweet heart.


And here is the dining room formerly the living room formerly the dining room.

Here is my sweet helper again! I want to squeeze her adorable cheeks.

One last thing, I bought the above lamp at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago, and although it is not normally, my style, I love this thing.

It cost me 20 bucks, shade and all, which is great, but here is the kicker: It originally cost 100 bucks.


Oh and here are the color options I am thinking of painting in the kitchen. What do we think?

7 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Lang Calendar Frame to a Cute Little Tray, Some Maneuvering and a Lamp”

  1. Just found you thru "Today's Creative Blog" and really like what I see – even tho your DR to LR to DR got me a little confused – it looks great all done up.Kitchen color – I like the first yellow color perhaps with accents of the current wall color. I've always needed a wake-up color in my kitchen. You could also tie the LR & DR in with red accents. Looking forward to seeing your decicsion.


  2. Yeah, I guess it is a little easier to visualize in person…;) That color is my fave too and I even thought about possibly leaving one wall in the kitchen that blue green color as an accent wall since those colors are so pretty together. Thanks so much for your input and for stopping by!Kari


  3. You crack me up! "If there was a way to spray paint a couch, you know I would be all over that." LOL!!! Thank you so much for coming over to my party. It runs until the 25th, so you're welcome to post up more summer projects. Especially any involving spray painted couches. HAHA! 🙂


  4. OOh good because after I posted this I wished I had added my summer mantel project to your party. So I will do that next week then!I know, I love the blue green too so it may not change but wanted something a little lighter. That blue color is dear to my heart so not sure if I will do anything about it….:)


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