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Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Little Spray Paint Goes a Long Way


My name is Kari and I am a paint-a-holic.

I have a problem.

It starts with an s and ends in t.

Not that word! 

I love some spray paint.
A lot.

I am beginning to think that my recent memory losses may be in part to a little too much spraying and painting on the brain.


Here are my latest endeavors-

Here is my 4th of July tablescape all taken apart.
Where is summer going??
How can the 4th of July be over already??


So I am still not ready to lose the whole red, white & blue thing so this is the tablescape I created.
Basically, I took a red candle holder (a Goodwill find) and added it to my tray.

Then I added the cute little frame that was this:

that became this:


and finally turned into this:



See how versatile spray paint is?
And how a one-dollar frame can make all the difference?
Yes, but taking a picture of the color? A little trickier.

See the above color? I love this. I found it at Lowe’s a few weeks ago.

But did you see how it turned out on the little frame above? It looks a lot deeper than what I wanted.
 In the picture, it looks royal blue but really it is closer to deep turquoise.

More about this color in a minute.

 I got this little cutie for free a few weeks ago.
My neighbor was putting these to the curb and walked over to see if I wanted any.
I swear I am not a hoarder.
So I cleaned this cute plant holder with dish detergent and water and here it is now:
I think it would look really cute with a huge mound of lemons in it.


But this will have to do for now.
Isn’t the detail on here so sweet?
My neighbor also gave me these galvanized buckets as well.
She was just going to throw these away!


I love these for any season.


This is on top of my fridge.

I just plopped a faux plant in here.

I also did this in the dining room after cleaning up the 4th of July decor.

And this is how it looked. Ick.
This tray has been the bane of my existence since I got it six years ago for hosting a party.
I love it but the color.
See how it blends into my kitchen counters?
So then I painted it white.
Then I thought, why not be a little daring!
A little more of this color.
MUCH better!


I am also going to do a little sanding down to give it a more rustic look for fall as well.
So make fun all you want but I love spray paint.
It can give you a whole new look without breaking the bank.
Or breaking a sweat.


2 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Little Spray Paint Goes a Long Way”

  1. Spray paint really is amazing! I am a spray paint aholic myself.. every time I have something that needs a facelift.. out comes the spray paint! Your projects look awesome and I love how many times you've remade them!


  2. I hear ya! I am addicted. In fact, I have already spray painted two items this morning and it is only 9am. I. Need. Help. 🙂


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