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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Changing Table Turned TV Cabinet

Last month, our little family leaped into the 21st century by getting a big HDTV. Our original screen wasn’t that tiny but it was ten years old and starting to show its age. So when my husband’s boss asked him if he wanted to buy his old HDTV for 50 dollars, he jumped at the chance and decided to surprise me.

So while I was away at my mom and dad’s house a few weeks ago, I came into our home and saw this:

This is huge for our family. We don’t have fancy cell phones, cool doodads to watch programs, we don’t even have DVR so this was a big step for the four of us.

Our 11-year-old was ecstatic to see this and probably no longer embarrassed to bring friends over to watch movies.

I loved the TV but the stand just wasn’t my thing. A little too modern for my taste so we began the search for TV stands all over Chicagoland. I thought, this should be easy and had a budget of $100.00.  Totally easy. right?


I searched Craigslist.


I scoured Goodwill’s from here to the Wisconsin border.


Frustrated and starting to settle with the idea of just keeping the modern metal TV stand, I walked upstairs to put away laundry in Ellie’s room only to see this and have a brainstorm:


It was handed down to us from our old neighbor while she was in the process of moving down south.

We first used it as a changing table for Ellie when she was a baby but now it just sits in her room with no other purpose than to hold lamps. I had several drawers that weren’t even being used in this behemoth dresser.

So I asked my husband if this would possibly work and after taking some measurements, he said yes! And also that once it goes downstairs it is staying downstairs since it is so big and heavy.

And here it is now:



Yes I know I should turn the TV off when taking a picture but that is what sets me apart from other decor bloggers.

Holy crap are my pictures bad.


The thing I love best about this move is the massive amount of storage we now have for our DVD’s, Wii games, remotes, etc.


. Yes, I see the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Don’t judge, people.


I would also love to re-paint this piece.
But I have a fear of painting furniture.
That I will be conquering this fall.
Stay tuned for that.

2 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Changing Table Turned TV Cabinet”

  1. The TV stand looks great! I love when I find a new use for a piece of furniture!I like your "real" house – thanks for not staging your pictures!Come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!I found you via A Bowl Full of Lemons, btw!


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