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Random Fun Things- Some Funky Nails & A Cheap Craft


Here are some fun little things I have been obsessed with lately but I can’t really create a single post around just one so here is the lazy way to do it: put it all in one blog post!




Annie and I found these at the drugstore the other day and thought we would give them a try!

Aren’t these cool?

They are by Sally Hansen, I don’t remember the actual name but they are sleeves that you mold around your nails but when it is done, it looks like paint!

They had all sorts of colors and prints, even tie-dye.

It is a little pricey ($8.99 for 16 strips) but it was a random, fun little thing to make a dreary summer day a little happier.

My daughter’s and I were wandering around Hobby Lobby last week while looking for wrapping paper for the song lyric artwork I made and I found the above in the 90% off clearance section! It was only $2.50 for the entire thing.


Add the above…..(which was only 25 cents!!)

A little spray adhesive and tada!!

You have a cute little door hanger for a little girls room! (I offered to get an A for Annie but she didn’t want one as it was too girly-ish. Sigh. Big sigh.)

Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I found the cutest scrapbook papers while we were there and they were 50% off!! I think I got five papers and spent less than a dollar!


Isn’t this print cute??


I love this for Annie.


Chalkboard scrapbook paper???? Weee!


love me some numbers.


I love the possibilities with scrapbooking paper and it is so stinkin’ cheap! You can mod podge it, put it as a background in a frame…lots of ideas.


5 thoughts on “Random Fun Things- Some Funky Nails & A Cheap Craft”

  1. Thanks 🙂 I was ready to give up on Hob Lob after epic fail # 1 but they didn't totally let me down. 🙂


  2. Thanks Bec!! It has been a while since I had anything fun worthy for your party so I was excited to join in this time!


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