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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Letters & Lamps

I got this metal letter H last year from Hobby Lobby:
Gold is fine and all but it doesn’t really go with the things in our home.
So I kept it this color for over 6 months before I said, “that’s it! You are getting painted!”
I really did say that.
I talk to inanimate things all day long.
It’s what keeps me sane.

So I took out some of this:

Rustoleum Satin Espresso.
Took some sandpaper to it.
And here you have it!
A rustic, weathered-looking letter H!


Cost- nothing other than spray paint.
So I mentioned last month that we had a lamp breaking incident happen to us.
Like, four days into no spend August.
Well, I thought very briefly about getting another lamp to replace it but I just don’t like buying lamps.
They are kind of pricey and it is a commitment because once I get a lamp I want it to last a long time.
I don’t part very easily with lamps for some reason.
So I sat in my half darkened family room each night for a week and a half before I gave in and did something about it.
Since I was in no-spend August at the time, I put my thinking cap on and tried to figure out another way.
And here is what I did:
This lamp was in the family room until I moved it to the living room above.


This lamp was in the living/dining room and now the set is together in the family room.


And this lamp was in the kitchen.
Disregard the pink potty.
Did you get all that?
The main point here is to work with what ya have, upcycle, be green.
Dig it?
And I spent not one dime on a cute lamp.
Take that Home Goods.

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