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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Decorating Your Pad For Fall On The Down Low

I love fall!
I especially love to get out the fall decorations and play but I waited this year until September 19th.
This is a big deal because it has not been unheard of in this house for me to start putting up fall when it is still 85 degrees out.


See that burlap wreath?
My friend Rebecca made it for me!


I got some of this satin “sash” ribbon on clearance at Wal-Mart for two dollars and looped it around the burlap wreath.
Then I took a push pin and pinned it to the wall above the mirror.
I let a little overlap at the top to cover the pin.


I love this look!
Are you sick of looking at my burlap wreath yet?
I’m not.
A few weeks ago, I found these at my local Dollar Tree:
Cute spooky paper cutouts!
For myself who does not possess a Silhouette/Cricut machine, this was a HUGE find!
I actually squealed when I saw these and chatted away with the teenage boy ringing me up, who I am sure could care less about paper cut-outs but these were only a dollar and I was so excited! I had no idea when I bought them what I would do with them but knew if I didn’t get them then, they would be gone.
*Update: I was just in Dollar Tree a few days ago and as I predicted, they were all gone*
Here is what I did with them:
 I stuck them to the corners of my mirror!



I also added them to my mantel.



See how only one dollar can make a huge difference?
Then my friend, Melissa, made this adorable banner for my mantel:
She used burlap for the pennants, her Cricut for the letters and some cream colored ribbon that she just used the glue gun to attach it to the burlap.
No sewing involved.
I love this!



Thank you, Melissa!


Here is my ” changing with the seasons ” tray that I love to create a tablescape with.
I can see my Goodwill “mirror” in the back, the twigs are from my backyard from last winter, the “boo” sign is just printed on computer paper and in a black frame, I have had for years.
I have fake white gourds in my 2 jar and the pumpkins and twig ball I have had again, for years.
The pumpkin/scarecrow guy is a gift from my mama a few years ago.
Then I added a little owl to the middle of my “mirror” from my package of cutouts:
The corn is from the field behind my in-laws’ house and I just spray painted it a little Heirloom White.
See? Nothing in my house is safe from spray paint.
Here is my flea market shutter!
 I left it as is.
 I may stick some old pictures in the slats once I get motivated.
Still working on NOT getting pictures of me in the mirror taking a picture.
See those muscles?
You don’t?


See the galvanized flower holder?
I got it at a free garage sale last year and it has been sitting in my garage ever since.
Not anymore!
Happy First Week O’ Fall!


6 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Decorating Your Pad For Fall On The Down Low”

  1. Your house is decorated SO cute! I LOVE that wreath! Let your friend know that I want one too! 😉 Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites at our free for all party! Have a great Friday! XOXO!! marni


  2. So many great fall touches! Thanks for linking up to The "Autumn Décor" Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!


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