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Mason Jar Centerpiece


Mason jars are so popular right now, but I have always loved them.

I just lined these pretty blue ones on our dining room table as a simple centerpiece.


I put some tea light candles in them.


I just used some battery operated tea lights since these are a little hard to light if they were real.


I love the look of this!!
And what I really like is that this is just so darn simple!
And inexpensive, too.



10 thoughts on “Mason Jar Centerpiece”

  1. Kari, I saw this when I linked up at Six Sisters Stuff – very nice! It caught my attention because I posted something similar (jars and candles on top of a mirror and a touch of burlap and twine)….I like how simple yours is!Also, I've had your blog open for a while just to listen to the music…over and over. =) ("Free" is our cool down song for Zumba, and we just used "When I Get Where I'm Going" for a slideshow at my husband's grandparents funeral….beautiful song) Just thought I'd share, lol. I'm following and will be back. =) Thanks for sharing your centerpiece!~ Mara @ Super Savings


  2. @ Mara- Thanks so much for stopping by and I love that you added the personal stories. Those two songs are two of my favorites and I know that most bloggers say not to put music on the blog but I don't care. I get so many comments and compliments on the music alone that I will never change it. Thanks again for commenting and coming over, it made my day. 🙂 @ Marily- thank you so much for the nice compliment!! 🙂


  3. Featuring YOU tonight over on my blog. You were one of the top viewed links at {wow me} wednesday last week. Feel free to come grab a featured button & join this week's party! Thanks so much for linking up last week! :)Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


  4. So simple & pretty. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday!Warmly, Michelle


  5. So easy! I’ve been looking for a different centerpiece this year. I have a ton of jars. I’ll probably throw some “snow”, cranberries and rosemary into mine for some pops of color because my Mason jars are clear. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! #sharefest


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