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Workin’ With What Ya Got- “That” Wall


Everyone has one of these in their home….that wall.

Or maybe it is that hallway, that corner, that space that drives you so crazy you want to just walk away with your hands in the air and scream, “I give up!!!”.

That space for me has always, always been the wall space in the landing of my stairwell going upstairs (or downstairs depending on which floor you are on).


It is a tall wall because it is the merging of a cathedral ceiling on the lower level and a regular ceiling at the upper level of our home.

I have struggled with it for the 6.5 years we have lived here:


should we paint it a pop of color?

should we get a huge mirror to put up there?

should we put a ton of pictures up there?

should we just leave it blank?

maybe we should just give up and put a big-honking grapevine wreath there.


So that is what we did.

Put a big ugly honkin’ wreath up there for five years because we just didn’t know what to do with that space.

I finally took down the wreath this summer and no I don’t have any pictures of that space because it was such an ugly wreath/space that I didn’t want any evidence of its mere existence.

So then my husband took it upon himself to hang these up there:



Let me quickly give you the back story on this arrangement And when I say quickly, I mean half a page.

Last fall I created a wall with empty picture frames in my dining room because I thought it would be cool, trendy, fashion-forward.
I would have been one of the only ones who felt that way. I hung it up and for months, months I tell you, friends and family would comment on the empty wall theme:

” Why aren’t there any pictures in there?”

“did you forget something, Kari??”

“Hey, did you know that there are no pictures in those frames?”

I get it, people, the no picture in the frame thing isn’t working. 

So I took it down and the empty frames sat in my basement for six months.
Then we inherited that great stained glass piece from some friends who were moving/downsizing and I knew exactly where I wanted it and the empty frames to go.

On that landing.

So while I was visiting my mom and dad this summer with the girls, my husband took it upon himself to hang all these pieces in that landing. Yes, I still got the questions here and there about the empty frames but not as many as before since this isn’t a focal wall and basically, no one was really looking at that wall.

No one except for me.

I swear this is going somewhere.

The thing was, I didn’t really care for that wall. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated my husband doing this but I just wasn’t sure about the black frames with the white wall and it looked just a little too modern for my taste.

So two weeks ago, he graciously took down everything for me so I could do this to it:


Spray paint it white.
Sorry for the bad garage picture.
I explained my vision, if you will, to my friend Rebecca when she was over one evening and she wasn’t really feeling it.
I explained my vision to my husband and again, wasn’t feelin’ it.
Then I started to get the shakes. What if this is an empty frame wall repeat all over again?
I don’t think I could take all that pointing and laughing again.
Then this happened:
The stained glass piece just broke.
Well, my 11-year old’s bike broke it to be exact.
And it was all my fault.

I was trying to do two things at once and the bike tipped over and broke my stained glass piece into, well, pieces.

I cried I swore, I may have even kicked the bike.
My plan had just disintegrated in front of my eyes.
Until I turned around and literally ran into this puppy on the other side of the garage:
Again, another bad garage picture but lookie what I found!!
My 7 buck flea market window!!!
And I needed to do absolutely nothing to it!
So I cleaned up the stained glass, brought in the window gathered my newly painted empty frames together and created my new vision.
So here is that landing now:


What do we think?
I love this so much more now.

This is more of my style than the black and white combo and it cost me next to nothing to create.

The frames I have had for years, the window was $7.00 at the flea market, the little red wreath ( I finally got my pop of color) is an old Christmas wreath that I use every year but usually keep up all winter.

The cost to make- $7.00

Now go and make that space pretty!

4 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- “That” Wall”

  1. This turned out very nice. Sad about your stained glass window, but I love those old chippy windows like you now have up there. Beautiful!


  2. Thanks so much! I am hanging on to the stained glass though….just not ready to retire it yet, I guess. 🙂


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