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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Adding Dimension


Sometimes I like to create little projects just because I can. I love this little accent piece that I got at a gift shop in Wisconsin a few years ago:


But it was kind of small and it would get “lost” in a tablescape or on a kitchen counter.

It would also get “lost” in Ellie’s toy box as well as put in her mouth, colored on (see the orange crayon marks?) and playdoh’ed to death……so I had a plan to save this little fella’s life.


I took this Goodwill frame I got last year for 49 cents; added some Liquid Nails glue to the back of the accent piece and…




I loved the saying and subway art so much that I knew I had to get it when I saw it but now it really pops more and I get more people noticing it now than ever before.
Including me.
The cost to me: nothing!
The idea is to work with what you have around the house. To turn something you love into something you adore without spending precious dollars.
What can you make pop in your home?

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