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Getting Back To “Normal” & Some Christmas Cheer

Well, it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and how are you all doing?
Me? Not so good. 
We have had the stomach flu in our home since last Sunday night and it is one guest who just doesn’t want to leave.
If you would like to come over and pick up this quest, you are more than welcome.
Let’s just say that this is the worst diet I have ever been on but always the one to try and find the positive, I have lost four more pounds to knock me off my three-month weight plateau putting me at under my pre-preggers weight with Ellie over four years ago, so yay me.

I just wish I had the energy to celebrate or the stomach to eat a piece of cake.
Anyhoo, this post will not be on par with my usual posts but wanted to say that I am still here…barely and that I am also very ready for spring.

Only four more months away.

So I mentioned last week that we decked our halls here and I have the pictures to prove it!

Here are some highlights.


Our mantel.
Remember that 25 sign from last year?
All it is is some computer paper with a 25 I found on Google images and plopped it into a red frame I already had.
Christmas subway art.
I made this last year on Wordle.
The cost for me? One dollar for the Dollar Tree frame.
A tablescape that keeps changing thanks to my butterfingers.
There used to be three glass containers on this tray and then I broke one while decorating.
Then this one shown was broken when I stupidly decided to move the buffet it was sitting on while it was sitting on it.
This is just the beginning of a dining room tablescape that I am working on in conjunction with Centsational Girl’s blog contest that starts this Wednesday.
I have all the supplies but haven’t put it together yet.
I am gonna call it vintage farmhouse chic or cheap crap that I had laying around.
No mind, I just gotta get it done by Wednesday which might be a challenge in itself since I am so behind on everything due to the aforementioned norovirus buddy that keeps hanging in there.
I will post that with the pictures here by Wednesday at the latest.
Those awesome branches?
My backyard.

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