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Creating an Adorable Berry Jar From an Old Wreath

I have had this old berry wreath for years:

berry jar, berry, wreath, christmas

So many years in fact that it was falling apart right before my very eyes.
 So instead of giving it away or even throwing it away, I decided that I could work with this little wreath and make it into something even better.

berry, wreath, jar, christmas

 I took the berries off the wreath one by one and added them to this cute little jar craft that I made from Dollar Tree items.

The glass part is just a glass candle holder and the metal part is a taper candle holder, both from Dollar Tree.

Add the berries to the jar and here is the final product:


berry, wreath, christmas
And adorable jar that cost me next to nothing!
Here is what you will need to make one for yourself! 
Red berriesI found some on Amazon that are already taken off the wreath which means less work for you!
You can read how to make the glass jar here or you can buy these cute little glass candle holders from Amazon
CYS Hurricane Candle Holder, Stemmed Candle Holder, H-6"
I love how those look and they would look adorable with red (or any other color) berries in there! You could even pick another color like silver or blue to celebrate Hanukkah or even just for winter.
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6 thoughts on “Creating an Adorable Berry Jar From an Old Wreath”

  1. Adorable Kari! Festive and eye-catching! It brings to mind a berry wreath I used to have that I threw away. Drat.


  2. I can never stand to get rid of old decorations that still have some pretty bits left to them – this is a great way to use those berries to beautiful effect! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!


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