Christmas, Friends

Favorite Things- Melissa

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Here is the latest entry from my friend Melissa who is moving far away next month!

Favorite Christmas Song…

The Drummer Boy

Fave thing to do at the holidays…..

We love to drive around the neighborhood to look at lights while listening to music!

My fav cookie recipe is my mom’s recipe for “Pecan Puffs.” They are so delicious!

5 Things I love

1. Method hand soap in various Christmas scents (Peppermint is my fav)


2. Scented pinecones (they smell like cinnamon) from Lowe’s

3. Gingerbread latte from Starbucks

4. Tomato and mozzarella panini from Panera Bread

5. My sweater pillows I made myself. Goodwill sweater $2. Cut apart and stuff a pillow you already have. Viola! A sweater pillow for the


Thanks, Melissa!

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